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Major Emphasis Undergraduate Graduate Online
Accounting A.S., B.S., Minor MAcc
Actuarial Science B.S.
Addiction Studies Certificate
Adult Education Certificate
Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate Certificate
Advanced Medical Imaging and Therapy
Cardiovascular-Interventional Technology Certificate
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Certificate
Mammography Certificate
Radiation Therapy Certificate
Radiologic Technology Certificate
African American Studies Minor
Agricultural Business B.S.A., Minor
Agricultural Mechanics Minor
Agricultural Studies B.S.A. B.S.A.
Agriculture M.S.A.
Android Application Development Certificate
Animal Science B.S.A., Minor
Applied Digital Technology
AI & Machine Learning M.S.
Business Analytics M.S.
Cloud Computing & Cybersecurity M.S.
Game & App Design M.S.
Art B.F.A, Minor
Art History B.A.
Art History Minor
Athletic Training M.A.T.
Biological Sciences B.S., Minor
Biology B.S.E. M.A., M.S.
Biotechnology B.S.
Bone Densitometry Certificate
Building-Level/Principal Certificate
Business Administration B.S. M.B.A. B.S., M.B.A.
Accounting B.S.
Agricultural Business B.S., M.B.A.
Business Analytics B.S., M.B.A.
Business Law B.S.
Economics B.S.
Finance B.S.
Financial Planning & Analysis M.B.A.
Financial Wellness B.S.
HR Management B.S., M.B.A.
Healthcare Management M.B.A.
Hospitality & Event Tourism Management M.B.A.
Hospitality Management B.S.
Management M.B.A.
Marketing B.S., M.B.A.
Marketing Analytics B.S.
Real Estate B.S.
Sales B.S.
Supply Chain Management B.S., M.B.A.
Sustainable Business Practices B.S.
Business Analytics Certificate Certificate
Business Economics B.S.
Business Law and Compliance Certificate
Business Technology B.S.E.
Career Development Certificate
Chemistry B.A., B.S., B.S.E., Minor M.S., M.S.E
Children's Advocacy Studies Minor
Civil Engineering B.S.C.E. M.S.
Clinical Laboratory Science A.A.S., B.S.
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Certificate
Cognitive Science Minor
College Student Personnel Services M.S.
Communication Disorders B.S. M.C.D.
Communication Studies B.A., Minor M.A. B.A., M.A.
Interpersonal Communication B.A.
Organizational Communication B.A.
Public Communication B.A.
Computed Tomography Certificate
Computer Science B.A., B.S., Minor M.S.
Construction Management B.S. B.S.
Corporate Media Certificate
Creative Media Production B.S.
Corporate Media B.S., Certificate B.S., Certificate
Graphic Communication B.S., Certificate B.S., Certificate
Media Ministry B.S., Certificate B.S., Certificate
Sports Media B.S., Certificate
Criminology B.A., Minor B.A.
Criminology & Criminal Justice M.A.
Crop Consulting and Agronomic Services Minor
Curriculum Director Certificate
Curriculum and Instruction M.S.E
Cyber Security Certificate
Data Analytics Certificate
Data Science Certificate
Data Science and Data Analytics B.S.
Data Visualization and Information Design Certificate
Debate and Forensics Certificate
Dietetics B.S. M.S.
Digital Design Minor
Digital Technology & Design B.S. B.S.
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning B.S.
Cloud Computing & Cybersecurity Design B.S.
Digital Animation B.S.
Game Design B.S. B.S.
Graphic Communication B.S.
Mobile App Development B.S. B.S.
Social Media B.S.
Software Design & Development B.S.
Virtual Reality B.S. B.S.
Web Design B.S.
Web Development B.S.
Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Management A.A.S. B.S., M.S.
Emergency Medical Technician A.A.S.
Doctor of Nursing Practice DNP
Education DNP
Dyslexia Endorsement Certificate
Early Childhood Education M.S.E
Early Childhood Services M.S.
Economics B.A., Minor
Pre-Law B.A.
Educational Leadership Ed.D., M.S.E, Certificate
Curriculum Director Ed.S.
Gifted and Talented Director Ed.S.
Higher Ed. Admin Ed.D. Ed.D.
P-12 Administration Ed.D.
Principalship Ed.S.
Special Education Ed.S.
Superintendency Ed.S.
Educational Theory and Practice M.S.E
Adult Education M.S.E
English as a Second Language M.S.E
Instructional Technology M.S.E
Electrical Engineering B.S.E.E., Minor M.S.
Elementary Education B.S.E.
Emergency Medical Technician Certificate
En Route A.A., A.S.
Engineering Minor M.S.E.
Engineering Management M.S., Certificate M.S., Certificate
Engineering Management Systems B.S. B.S.
Engineering Technology A.S., B.S.
English B.A., B.S.E., Minor M.A., M.S.E
English as a Second Language Certificate
Entrepreneurship Certificate, Minor
Environmental Science B.S.
Environmental Sciences M.S., Ph.D.
Esports Certificate
Exercise Science B.S. M.S.
Finance B.S., Minor
Banking B.S.
Financial Management B.S.
Financial Management Certificate
Financial Wealth Management Minor
Folklore Studies Minor
Free Enterprise Certificate
French Minor
GIS & Precision Agriculture B.S.A.
Game Production and Development Certificate
General Business Minor
General Studies A.G.S, B.G.S. A.G.S, B.G.S.
German Minor
Gifted, Talented & Creative Instructional Spec. Certificate
Gifted, Talented and Creative Director Certificate
Graphic Communication Certificate
Graphic Design B.F.A, Minor
Health Coaching Certificate
Health Communication Certificate Certificate
Health Promotion B.S. B.S.
Health Studies B.S. B.S.
Heritage Studies Ph.D.
High Performance Computing Certificate
Higher Education M.S.
History B.A., Minor M.A., Certificate
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology Minor
Homeland Security and Disaster Preparedness Minor
Horticulture Minor
Hospitality and Event Tourism Management B.S.
Information Systems and Business Analytics A.S., B.S., Minor
Information Technology Certificate
Instrumental Music B.M.E.
Interdisciplinary Family Studies Minor
Interdisciplinary Studies B.S.I.S B.S.I.S
International Business B.S., Minor
International Studies Minor
Jazz Studies Minor
Journalism M.S.M.C.
Land Surveying and Geomatics A.A.S., B.S., Minor
Law Enforcement A.A.S.
Leadership Studies Certificate, Minor B.S.I.S, Certificate
Limited X-Ray Machine Operator Certificate
Logistics Minor
Management B.S., Minor
Hospitality Management B.S.
Human Resource Management B.S.
Marine Science Minor
Marketing B.S., Minor Certificate
Sales Leadership B.S.
Marketing Analytics Certificate
Mathematics B.S., B.S.E., Minor M.S., M.S.E
Mechanical Engineering B.S.M.E. M.S.
Media Management
Digital Management M.S.
Mass Media M.S.
Public Administration M.S.
Media Ministry Certificate
Medieval Studies Minor
Middle-Level Education B.S.E.
Military Science and Leadership Minor
Modern European Studies Minor
Molecular Biosciences M.S., Ph.D.
Multimedia Journalism B.S., Minor
Museum Studies Certificate
Music B.A., Minor M.M.
Composition B.M.
Instrumental Performance B.M.
Jazz Studies B.M. M.M.
Keyboard Performance B.M.
Voice B.M.
Music Education M.M.E.
Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) Certificate Certificate
Neuropsychological Testing Certificate
Nonprofit Communication Certificate
Nurse Anesthesia DNP
Nursing A.A.S.N., B.S.N. M.S.N. M.S.N.
2nd Degree Accelerated B.S.N.
Family Nurse Practitioner M.S.N., Certificate
LPN to AASN A.A.S.N., A.A.S.N.
Nurse Administrator M.S.N., Certificate
Nurse Educator M.S.N., Certificate
Paramedic to AASN A.A.S.N.
RN to BSN B.S.N.
Traditional AASN A.A.S.N.
Traditional BSN B.S.N.
Occupational Environmental Safety and Health B.S. B.S.
Occupational Therapy O.T.D
Occupational Therapy Assistant A.A.S.
Organizational Supervision B.A.S B.A.S
Paramedic A.A.S., Certificate
Philosophy B.A., Minor
Physical Education B.S.E. M.S.E
Physical Therapist Assistant A.A.S.
Physical Therapy D.P.T.
Physics B.S., B.S.E., Minor
Plant Science Minor
Plant and Soil Science B.S.A.
Play Therapy Certificate
Political Science B.A., Minor M.A. B.A.
Precision Agriculture Minor
Psychological Science M.S.
Psychology B.A., B.S., Minor B.A.
Psychology and Counseling
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Ed.S.
School Psychology Ed.S.
Public Administration M.P.A. M.P.A.
Non-Profit Management M.P.A.
Public Health B.S.
Public Relations and Advertising Certificate
Radio-Television M.S.M.C.
Radiologic Sciences B.S.R.S. B.S.R.S.
Administration Certificate
Cardiovascular-Interventional Technology B.S.R.S.
Diagnostic Medical Sonography B.S.R.S.
Imaging Specialist (Bridge Program) B.S.R.S.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging B.S.R.S.
Mammography / Breast Sonography B.S.R.S.
Radiation Therapy B.S.R.S.
Radiography B.S.R.S.
Reading Ed.S., M.S.E
Religious Studies Minor
Renewable Energy Technology Minor
Sales Leadership Certificate, Minor
School Counseling M.S.E
Crisis & Trauma M.S.E
Special Populations M.S.E
Social Media Management Certificate
Social Science B.S.E.
Social Work B.S.W. M.S.W. M.S.W.
Advanced Standing M.S.W.
Sociology B.A., Minor M.A. B.A.
Spanish Minor
Spanish for the Professions Certificate
Special Education B.S.E.
Director Certificate
Early Childhood & Sp. Ed. Integrated B-K B.S.E.
Gifted, Talented, and Creative M.S.E
Instructional Specialist K-12 M.S.E, Certificate
K-12 License B.S.E.
Sport Administration M.S. M.S.
Sport Management B.S. B.S.
Sports Production Certificate
Statistics Certificate, Minor M.S.
Strategic Communication B.S., Minor M.S.
Global M.S.
Non-Profit B.S.
PR and Advertising B.S.
Social Media B.S., M.S.
Technology Law and Policy M.S.
Superintendent Education Certificate
Supply Chain Management Certificate B.S.B.A.
Global Supply Chain Management B.S.
Swift Coding Certificate
Art Education M.A.T.
Business Technology M.A.T.
Elementary M.A.T.
Middle Level M.A.T.
Special Education M.A.T.
Theatre B.A., Minor
Acting B.A.
Design Technology B.A.
Musical Theatre B.A.
United States History Minor
Virtual Reality Content Design and Filmmaking Certificate
Vocal Music B.M.E.
Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation
Fisheries B.S.
Wildlife B.S.
Women and Gender Studies Minor
World Languages & Cultures B.A., B.S.E.
Writing Studies Minor