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Limited X-Ray Machine Operator

Undergraduate Certificate

College: College of Nursing and Health Professions

Department: Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences


This program will prepare students for the ARRT Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography exam for the State of Arkansas Licensure and to work in the clinical setting of physician offices.  This is a formal education program to educate limited license technicians on radiologic positioning, radiation safety, and image critique. 

Program Mission

The mission of the Limited X-ray Machine Operator (LXMO) certificate program is to provide fundamental concepts in patient care, radiography, and clinical lab science for technicians in healthcare clinics.

  • Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

    The Certificate of Proficiency for the Limited X-Ray Machine Operator will produce competent, limited scope of practice radiographers with phlebotomy skills.

    1. Students will be clinically competent in radiography and patient safety. 
      1. Students will communicate effectively with patients.
      2. Students will provide proper radiation safety.
      3. Students will produce quality radiographs.
    2. Students will develop critical thinking skills.
      1. Students will adequately critique images.
      2. Students will recommend corrective action for sub-optimal radiographs.
    3. Students will develop phlebotomy skills.
      1. Students will demonstrate professional patient interaction.
      2. Students will select the appropriate collection supplies for the requested test(s).
      3. Students will perform safe blood collections by the established protocols.
    4. Students will perform basic CLIA-waived laboratory tests according to their proper testing protocol.
      1. Students will maintain quality throughout the testing process.
  • Admission & Graduation

    Admission to Arkansas State University

    Student Handbook
    Graduation Requirements

    How to apply to LXMO program

    All students must apply to Arkansas State University before acceptance to the Limited X-Ray Machine Operation program.

    • Apply to Arkansas State University.
    • Determine whether you meet the Admission Requirements for the LXMO program.
    • Download Spring LXMO application. (Spring Applications due by 5pm on December 21st.)
    • Download Fall LXMO application. (Fall Applications due by 5pm on June 30th.)
    • Submit completed application electronically to jmcooper@astate.edu.

    Technical Standards

    In order to ensure patient safety and welfare, the student must demonstrate "with or without accommodations" in order to successfully complete the program:

    1. Sufficient eyesight to observe teaching methods and patients, manipulate equipment and accessories, and evaluate radiographs for quality.
    2. Sufficient hearing to communicate effectively with members of the healthcare team and patients and hear various patient, equipment and background sounds.
    3. Sufficient gross and fine motor coordination to manipulate equipment and accessories, lift a minimum of fifty (50) pounds, and respond promptly to patient's needs.
    4. Satisfactory intellectual and emotional functions to ensure patient safety and to exercise independent judgment in the performance of assigned responsibilities in stressful situations.
    5. Satisfactory verbal, written, and reading skills to effectively and promptly communicate in English.
    6. The ability to work collaboratively and demonstrate ethical behaviors with all members of the healthcare team.

    English Proficiency Requirements

    The Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences programs and professions require a high level of proficiency in English so that all students will be able to fully meet academic and clinical objectives as well as meet criteria for professional licensure.

    Learn more about English proficiency requirements >>
  • Additional Information


    • Textbooks: approximately $100
    • X-ray markers: approximately $50
    • Additional supplies: up to $100


    Curriculum specific coursework:

    • RSLT 2012 Introduction to LXMO
    • RSLT 2013 Imaging Equipment and Exposure
    • RSLT 2021 LXMO Procedures Lab
    • RSLT 2023 LXMO Procedures
    • HP 2013 Medical Terminology
    • CLS 1512 Fundamentals of CLS
    • CLS 1511 Fundamentals of CLS Lab
    Visit the current undergraduate bulletin for more curriculum details >>