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Medieval Studies


College: College of Liberal Arts & Communication

Department: History


The Minor in Medieval Studies is an interdepartmental, interdisciplinary program which explores the extraordinarily rich cultures of the Middle Ages, both in Europe and beyond. The thousand-year period often known as the Middle Ages (roughly 500-1500 C.E.) was a period of vibrant life and sometimes violent change. In diverse societies, people worked to understand their place in the world, and how they might best live in it. The medieval period witnessed key developments in many fields: literature and art, philosophy and religion, science, and medicine. And many questions medieval people asked—for instance, how religious belief should relate to social order—are questions we are still asking and answering today. The interdisciplinary minor allows you to choose among courses in political science, philosophy, art, English, and history.

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Curriculum and minor requirements can be found in the most current Undergraduate Bulletin.

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