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Online Degrees

Major Undergraduate Graduate
Agricultural Business B.S.B.A.
Android Application Development Certificate
Applied Science B.A.S
Building-Level/Principal Certificate
Business Administration B.S. M.B.A.
Business Administration (Agriculture Business) M.B.A.
Business Administration (Business Analytics) M.B.A.
Business Administration (Financial Planning) M.B.A.
Business Administration (Healthcare Management) M.B.A.
Business Administration (Marketing) M.B.A.
Business Administration (Supply Chain Management) M.B.A.
College Student Personnel Services M.S.
Communication Studies B.A. M.A.
Construction Management B.S.
Corporate Media Certificate
Creative Media Production B.S.
Creative Media Production (Graphic Communication) B.S.
Creative Media Production (Media Ministry) B.S.
Criminology B.A.
Curriculum and Instruction CertificateM.S.E
Digital Technology & Design B.S.
Digital Technology & Design (Game Dev.) B.S.
Digital Technology & Design (Graphic Communication) B.S.
Digital Technology & Design (Mobile App Dev.) B.S.
Digital Technology & Design (Social Media) B.S.
Digital Technology & Design (Virtual Reality) B.S.
Digital Technology & Design (Web Design) B.S.
Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Management A.A.S.B.S. M.S.
Doctor of Nursing Practice (Education) DNP
Doctor of Nursing Practice (General) DNP
Doctor of Nursing Practice (Leadership) DNP
Dyslexia Endorsement Certificate
Early Childhood Education M.S.E
Early Childhood Services M.S.
Educational Leadership Ed.D.CertificateM.S.E
Educational Leadership (Curriculum Director) Ed.S.
Educational Leadership (Gifted and Talented Director) Ed.S.
Educational Leadership (Higher Ed. Admin) Ed.D.
Educational Leadership (Principalship) Ed.S.
Educational Leadership (Special Education) Ed.S.
Educational Leadership (Superintendency) Ed.S.
Educational Theory and Practice M.S.E
Educational Theory and Practice (Adult Education) M.S.E
Educational Theory and Practice (ESL) M.S.E
Elementary Education M.A.T.
Engineering Management CertificateM.S.
Engineering Management Systems B.S.
English as a Second Language Certificate
Family Nurse Practitioner M.S.N.Certificate
Game Production and Development Certificate
General Studies A.G.SB.G.S.
Gifted, Talented and Creative (Director) Certificate
Gifted, Talented and Creative (Teacher) CertificateM.S.E
Graphic Communication Certificate
Health Promotion B.S.
Health Studies B.S.
Interdisciplinary Studies B.S.I.S
Leadership Studies CertificateB.S.I.S
Media Management M.S.
Media Management (Mass Media) M.S.
Media Management (Public Administration) M.S.
Media Ministry Certificate
Middle-Level Education M.A.T.
Nurse Administration CertificateM.S.N.
Nurse Educator CertificateM.S.N.
Nursing A.A.S.N.B.S.N.
Organizational Supervision B.A.S
Political Science B.A.
Psychology B.A.
Public Administration M.P.A.
Public Administration (Non-Profit Management) M.P.A.
Public Health B.S.
Radiologic Sciences B.S.R.S.
Reading Ed.S.M.S.E
School Counseling M.S.E
School Counseling: Crisis & Trauma M.S.E
School Counseling: Special Populations M.S.E
Social Media Management Certificate
Sociology B.A.
Special Education Director Certificate
Special Education Instructional Specialist K-12 CertificateM.S.E
Sport Administration M.S.
Sport Management B.S.
Sports Production Certificate
Strategic Communication B.S. M.S.
Strategic Communication (Global) M.S.
Strategic Communication (Non-Profit) B.S.
Strategic Communication (PR and Advertising) B.S.
Strategic Communication (Social Media) M.S.
Strategic Communication (Tech Law and Policy) M.S.
Superintendent Education Certificate
Swift Coding Certificate
Teaching (Art) M.A.T.
Teaching (Business Technology) M.A.T.
Teaching (Special Education) M.A.T.

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