Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Accessibility Statement

Arkansas State University is committed to providing students, faculty, staff, and visitors with equitable access to its facilities, programs, and services. A-State strives to provide access in and out of the classroom, in accordance with applicable law.

In compliance with Arkansas Act 1227 of 1999 and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998, and The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and its amendments, the university works to create a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities and pledges to continuously work towards greater access and inclusion.

Accommodation Requests

If you encounter something that is not accessible, please contact Access & Accommodation Services.


Students who need accommodations for coursework should contact Access & Accommodation Services.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty or staff who need accommodations should contact Human Resources.


Visitors who need accommodations should contact the person, department or organization sponsoring the event.

Example Web Guidelines for ADA Compliance

  • All content on a web page must be accessible to assistive technology such as a screen magnifier to enlarge text or a screen reader to read the page aloud.
  • Images, especially those conveying information, must include a text description in the form of an ALT tag.
  • Transcripts and closed captioning should accompany audio and video assets.
  • Web page information must be accessible using only the keyboard because users with mobility impairments might not be able to use a mouse.
  • Color contrasts must be highly readable.
  • A website must be easily navigated. A method of bypassing repetitive navigational links is required, and navigation must be consistent.
  • To provide enough time to read and use content, users must have control over any automatic audio material, animation or movement on the page, such as changing or muting volume, pausing video, or cancelling an animation. If during a web page session, content will automatically change, reload or expire, the page must provide user options for controlling such changes.