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Agricultural Business

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (B.S.A.)

College: College of Agriculture


Our innovative program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business.  Graduates from our program are trained to work in the ever changing world economy and acquire enhanced marketability for a wide range of careers.  Our curriculum provides a common body of knowledge for students in Agricultural Economics and Business Administration while combining core courses from Agricultural and Applied Economics with business courses in Accounting, Marketing, Management, Finance, and Business Law to provide a strong foundation for careers in management of agricultural businesses.  In addition, our program includes application courses in business finance, marketing, commodity trading analysis, real estate appraisal, international trade, and natural resource economics.  Emphasis is placed on internship opportunities with public and private Agricultural Businesses where students gain experiential hands-on training in their chosen emphasis area.  Students in our undergraduate program may pursue graduate studies if they choose to do so.


Curriculum and degree requirements can be found in the most current Undergraduate Bulletin.

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  • Emphasis Areas

    Two emphasis areas are available:

    • Agricultural Economics and Finance
    • Agricultural Marketing and Management
  • Careers

    Our degree in Agricultural Business leads to exciting careers in:

    • Agribusiness Sales
    • Banking
    • Commodity Trading and Securities Trading
    • Production Management
    • Real Estate Appraisal
    • Farm and Ranch Management
    • General Business
  • Checksheets
  • Degree Plans