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Information Technology

Undergraduate Certificate

College: Neil Griffin College of Business

Department: Information Technology & Business Analytics


Regardless of the degree being sought, be it an associates or bachelors, an English or a Math degree, many students can strengthen their IT capabilities and thus their marketability, through training in computer-related subjects. In addition, people already in the workplace can enhance their job skills and likely their mobility by becoming knowledgeable about the technology that is essential to business success these days.

The BIS program is intended to deliver training that provides foundation working knowledge in information technology. The resulting certificate is independent of any degree program and can be used either to enhance whatever degree is being pursued by the student or to demonstrate IT accomplishments of the non-degree-seeking student. For the latter, the BIS certificate incorporates a basic communications component, a Business foundation component, and a strong basic IT component.

Degree Seeking Students

For degree-seeking students, the communications component will already have been met, and, for students with Business majors, the Business foundation will also have been completed, leaving five courses (15 hours) of IT-related training. This coursework can typically be used to satisfy the elective requirements of undergraduate degree programs. Hence, in most circumstances, the BIS certificate requirements can be met without the need for coursework beyond the approximately 120 hours stipulated in ASU degree plans.

While the BIS certificate is likely to be a valuable add-on for any curriculum, the degree-seeking student may wish instead to consider one of the two IT-related minors offered through the CIT department. Both the CIT minor and the eCommerce minor involve similar coursework that provide good enhancements to any bachelors degree.


Curriculum and certificate requirements can be found in the most current Undergraduate Bulletin.

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Accredited by AACSB

The Neil Giffin College of Business at Arkansas State University is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, which represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. Fewer than 20% of the business schools in the world achieve AACSB accreditation and it is the hallmark of excellence in business education.

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