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Business Law and Compliance

Undergraduate Certificate

College: Neil Griffin College of Business

Department: Economics and Finance

Legal and ethical issues create risks, so individuals, businesses and government entities must develop strategy and engage in effective decision-making to manage and minimize those risks.  As our world and the laws and regulations become more and more complex, a sensitivity to ethical issues, critical thinking, and business knowledge about business law and compliance have become increasingly important tools for success, 

This program will contribute to success in a wide variety of careers and educational endeavors, including banking, finance, accounting, compliance departments of corporations, human resources, government agencies, entrepreneurial activities, other corporate careers, and law school and subsequent legal careers. Students in this program will demonstrate business knowledge about the business law topics of constitutional law, contract law, tort law, litigation and alternative dispute resolution, and employment law. 

This certificate is independent of any degree program and can be used to enhance whatever degree may be pursued by the student or to demonstrate business law and compliance competence for the non-degree seeking student.