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Data Science and Data Analytics

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

College: College of Engineering & Computer Science

Data science and data analytics applications exist in numerous industries and government agencies.  This diversity of opportunity is reflected in the interdisciplinary nature of the Data Science and Data Analytics (DSDA) Program which involves six colleges; Agriculture, Education & Behavioral Science, Engineering & Computer Science, Liberal Arts & Communication, Nursing & Health Professions, and Sciences & Mathematics.   

Program Overview

The DSDA Program builds out from the general education curriculum to a program core of 37 hours and two specific tracks from which students can choose.  The program core is be required of all students in the program and covers content in Statistics, programming, visualization, data governance and ethics.

Tracks and Domains

The two tracks - Data Science and Data Analytics – provide further depth beyond the program core. Within each track, students will be required to complete courses within their particular area of interest or “domain”.  Domains could include social sciences, healthcare, geospatial technologies, engineering, computer science, or bioinformatics to name a few.


The outcomes of this B.S. program are:

  1. Identify societal and ethical impacts as well as the responsibility that come with access to data.
  2. Critically assess and remediate issues with data organization and data quality.
  3. Design and implement a solution to a problem in the realm of data science/data analytics through problem identification, problem solving, decision making, visualization, data analysis and reporting.
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