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+ Campus alert: Arkansas State remains closed on Wednesday, Feb. 1

Arkansas State remains closed on Wednesday, Feb. 1

Arkansas State University will remain closed on Wednesday, Feb. 1, due to a major winter storm.

With approximately a half inch of ice accumulation from overnight sleet, temperatures hovering in the high 20s and another round of wintery mix predicted for Tuesday afternoon, all on-campus classes are cancelled for Feb. 1, and all academic and business offices remain closed.

For Wednesday, the following on-campus services will operate under their established, abbreviated hours:

  • The Reng Student Union will open for on-campus student usage at 8 a.m., closing at 8 p.m.
  • Dining Services will operate on brunch hours.

The following facilities will be closed:

  • The Dean B. Ellis Library (online resources available 24/7)
  • Red WOLF Center

With the wintery mix forecast to end on Wednesday and a potential warming above 32 degrees, an evaluation of campus roads and surfaces will be made on Wednesday to determine if campus can re-open for regular business for Feb. 2.

For ongoing updates, please check our website and the university’s official social media accounts.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Astate Financial Aid.

Office Information

Award Information


  • How do I pay for my books?
    Beginning Summer 2022, if you have an anticipated refund you should be able to charge your books with our campus bookstore provider, Textbook Brokers. The amount available varies depending on your program. When shopping at the bookstore, notify the cashier you would like to charge your books against your refund. When shopping on-line (AStateBookstore.com) select “Financial Aid” as your payment option during checkout. When disbursement of funds occurs, the bookstore charges will be added to your account.
  • I just completed my FAFSA. Can I get my books?
    Information must be submitted to the financial aid office well in advance at the beginning of the semester in order for an award to be available. You must have an accepted award amount greater than their student account balance in order to charge books at our campus bookstore, Textbook Brokers.
  • It is the first week of class, and I am not able to purchase my books. What should I do?
    Students should be prepared to purchase their books at the beginning of the semester. A student must submit all necessary information to the financial aid office for an award well in advance of the beginning of the semester in order for an award to be available to purchase books.

Budgets (Cost of Attendance)

Disbursements and Refunds

  • Is a “financial aid disbursement” and a “refund” the same thing?
    No. A financial aid disbursement is when the Financial Aid & Scholarships office credits aid to a student’s A-State student account through their myAState account. A refund is when the Student Account Services office issues a refund of excess funds to a student either through direct deposit or a paper check.
  • When will I receive my money?
    The Financial Aid & Scholarships office generally begins to apply funds to A-State student accounts after the 11th class day during a semester (Fall/Spring).

    Student Account Services will begin processing excess refunds after the Financial Aid & Scholarships office has applied funds to student accounts. It usually takes at least 2-5 business days to process a refund.
  • How do I view the amounts of aid applied to my A-State student account?
    A Student Account Summary can be viewed by logging into myAState and following the links Self Service > Student > Student Records > Account Summary by term.
  • How do I setup direct deposit for my refund?
    1. Login to myAState
    2. Click the Self-Service link
    3. Student
    4. Student Records
    5. myBill
    6. eRefunds tab
    7. Setup Account
    8. Choose your account type (Checking or Savings)
    9. Enter Routing Number (consists of 9 digits)
    10. Enter account number and confirm
    11. Save
  • I never received my refund. What should I do?
    Students should contact the Student Account Services office at 870-972-2285, so they can research the issue.
  • Why did I not receive the refund amount I expected?

    All aid is credited to applicable student account charges before a refund is issued. The refund amount may be different than expected due to recent additional charges such as adding an additional course or making a change to a housing/meal plan.

    Federal Direct student loans also have origination fees charged by the Federal processor. The amount applied to your student account will be different than the total awarded amount.

Federal Work Study

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

General Questions


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)



  • What is verification?

    Verification is a process mandated by Federal regulations to confirm the information provided on the FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Selection for verification is random but may be based on FAFSA data that was incomplete, estimated, or inconsistent.

    The U.S. Department of Education selects students for the verification process. A-State will select others if there is conflicting information.

  • How do I know I've been selected?

    Students should ALWAYS log into their myAState account to check the status of their financial aid. Students selected for verification will have a checklist of requested items. A Student Aid Report (SAR) will also be sent from the U.S. Department of Education notifying students that they have been selected for verification.

  • Can I provide a copy of my actual tax return instead of an IRS Tax Return Transcript?

    No. Federal guidelines prohibit the financial aid office from receiving 1040s. However, there are limited special instances where they are acceptable.

    Federal guidelines require A-State to only accept tax return transcripts. Students unable to obtain a tax return transcript online may try calling the IRS at: 1-800-908-9946. If that is unsuccessful, students must submit a paper request to the IRS. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f4506t.pdf

  • Do I need to collect all documents before I turn them in?

    No. Students may turn in documents as they collect them. Make sure the student’s ID number is included on all pages of the submitted documents. Please be reminded, documents will NOT be reviewed until they are signed, and ALL requirements are satisfied.

    Submit documents:
    Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships
    P.O. Box 1620
    State University, AR 72467
    Fax: (870) 972-2794

  • Do I need to keep a copy of my paperwork?
    Yes. Students should keep a copy of paperwork submitted to our office such as tax forms, W2s, court documents, etc.
  • What do I do if I am selected for verification?

    Students selected for verification must provide required supporting documentation and a completed Astate verification form.

    These documents are compared to the information on the student’s FAFSA, and if necessary, corrections are made to the FAFSA by the institution.

    Students can view requested documents by logging into their Financial Aid Checklist through myAState.

  • What documents do I submit?

    Students should check their Financial Aid Checklist through myAState to determine what documentation is needed.

  • How do I submit documents?

    Documents can be hand-delivered to the Financial Aid & Scholarships office located on the 2nd floor of the Carl R. Reng Student Union.

    Documents can also be mailed to:
    Arkansas State University
    Financial Aid & Scholarships
    P.O. Box 1620
    State University, AR 72467

  • Can I email my documents?

    Due to security concerns, it is not recommended for students to email sensitive information to the Financial Aid & Scholarships office.

  • Can I call to see if my documents were received?

    The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships receives more than 500 pieces of mail a day during peak times. Unfortunately, there is not time to stop processing students’ financial aid to check to see if paperwork has been received.

    Checklist requirements are satisfied when items have been processed. Students are encouraged to log into their myAState to check if paperwork has been received.

    If it has been more than five business days, and there is no change to the student’s myAState checklist, students should resubmit the requested item.

  • Am I required to complete verification?

    If a students is selected for verification, they MUST complete the process or forfeit eligibility for Federal Student Aid and other need-based aid.

  • Is there a deadline to submit documents?

    While there is not a set timeframe, all requested information should be submitted by July 15 (Fall semester) or December 15 (Spring Semester) in order for processing to be completed before class begins.

    All documents submitted after these dates will be processed as quickly as possible.

    All information should be submitted by the end of the semester in order to be processed for that semester.

  • I have turned in all required documents. Why are there new requests for documentation?
    Many times during the verification process follow-up questions arise and need to be answered. Students are encouraged to check their myAState periodically for notification.
  • I filed an extension. Do I have to wait until I file my taxes to finish verification?
    No. If students or parents filed an extension, submit the Form 4868 along with W2s from the previous year. If the student, spouse or parent owns a business or farm, submit a signed statement of wages from the previous year.
  • I have to amend my taxes. How do I complete verification?
    Submit the completed and signed 1040x along with the original 1040, tax transcript or any IRS transcript that includes all of the income and tax information required to be verified.
  • I am unable to locate my W2s from last year. What can I do?
    Students may contact their employer for a reprint of the W2 or contact the IRS and request a wage statement at: http://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Online-Ordering-for-Information-Returns-and-Employer-Returns.
  • Corrections to the FAFSA

    It is recommended for the student to not change their FAFSA to correct issues with verification. It is quicker and easier for the financial office to handle updates to the student’s FAFSA.

    If changes are made to the FAFSA to correct issues with verification, students must contact the financial aid office to notify us of the change so we may continue processing the aid. That is the only way we will know the issue has been resolved.

  • Once verification is complete, when should I expect my awards to show?
    When verification is complete student awards could show up as early as the next day. However, if a correction was made to the FAFSA students should expect awards to show in 2-5 business days. During peak times this may take a few days longer to complete.
  • I have turned in all of my information for verification. Why have I not received my award.
    Students should check their myAState account and make sure all requirements have been satisfied. There could be additional information requested or questions. If it has been at least ten days since all requirements were satisfied, students should contact the financial aid office at (870) 972-2310 or finaid@astate.edu.
  • Verification Tips

    Make sure all documents are signed by the student and by the parent(s), if applicable.

    Students should check their myAState account regularly. All communication from the financial aid office is posted there.

    Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on the FAFSA. This simplifies and expedites the process. Using the tool means students will not be required to submit a Federal tax return transcript.

    Make sure the number in the household and in college, on the verification form, matches the information on the FAFSA. If there has been a change, students may make a note on the verification form. Discrepancies will require follow up questions and may lengthen the verification process.

    Students required to complete an itemized worksheet must complete all items. If a family member or friend pays the student’s rent, it is fine. Financial aid needs to know what the cost would be for the student’s portion (rent/house payment divided by number living in the household) of the rent.

Withdraw/Drop Information