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Drop Dates & Refunds

Drop Dates Summer 2024


Course starts in May ends in August

Refund Amount Drop Dates
100% First 4 days of class
75% Second 4 days of class
0% 9th day of class and after


Course starts in May and ends in June, starts in May and ends in August, starts in June and ends in August, or starts in July and ends in August

Courses Starting in May

Courses Starting in June or July

Refund Amount Drop Dates Drop Dates
100% First 2 days of class First 2 days of class
75% Second 2 days of class Second 2 days of class
0% 5th day of class and after 5th day of class and after

Refund Dates Summer 2024

Jun 4th Financial Aid Disbursed
Starting Jun 6th into the following week Checks/Direct Deposits Sent to Students

For students enrolled in second part of term courses only:

Jul 10th Financial Aid Disbursed
Starting Jul 12th into the following week Checks/Direct Deposits Sent to Students

Please note that the 'Checks/Direct Deposits Sent to Students' dates listed above are estimated time frames. There are several factors that could delay refunds. Please contact our office at sasbillpayment@astate.edu for assistance.

Drop Policy

In order to receive a refund for tuition and fees, courses must be dropped within the allotted refund period or before the course begins. It is the student's responsibility to drop their courses.

Before dropping:

  1. Check the refund period for the course or contact the Treasurer's Office to determine if a refund will be issued.
  2. Review financial aid regulations (if receiving aid) or contact the Financial Aid Office to determine if aid will be affected or charged back.

Any unpaid charges will remain the liability of the debtor and will be remitted to a collection agency if not pain in full. The debtor will bear all collection costs and attorney's fees associated with this debt.


Students can appeal charges if they are officially withdrawn and did not receive credit for courses. For information on the appeal process, valid appeal situations, and to complete the form, please visit our Tuition and Fee Appeal form.


Excess aid and credits are issued to students through an automated process.

How to Receive Funds

Direct Deposits

To sign up for direct deposit go to myBill and select the Refund Tab. Your account must be verified before refunds are issued to receive a direct deposit. The verification process can take up to 6 business days. Once a refund is issued to a direct deposit account, funds are available within 48 hours, depending on the process time of the individual's bank.


For accounts without direct deposit setup, a check will be printed and mailed to the Billing or Mailing address type on file. Students are responsible for entering and ensuring their address is correct. If a check is lost in the mail or not received, students must wait 14 business days before completing a Student Affidavit Form to have the funds reissued. To check your Billing and Mailing address type, login to Self Service Banner.


Financial Aid Disbursement

Once financial aid disburses in a large batch at the beginning or middle of the term, the refund process is ran the following day to issue funds to students. This is usually a 3 day process: aid disburses, refunds are processed the next day, checks mailed/direct deposits sent to students on the third day.


After the initial aid disbursement, refunds are processed twice a week: Tuesday and Thursday. Checks are mailed and direct deposits are sent to students the following day after each run (Wednesday and Friday).

Example: If your refund is processed on Tuesday, your check will be mailed or your direct deposit will be sent to you on Wednesday.