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Travel Services is dedicated to providing information on travel policies and procedures to the faculty, staff, and students of Arkansas State University.

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Latest Announcements


The Offices of Procurement Services and Travel Services are announcing a new feature of SAP Concur that will go live June 26, 2023. Concur Detect by Oversight is an automated auditing tool that will help both departments streamline and improve the processing of Expense Reports. As early as this week, you will begin to see a new status message on Expense Reports that says “Pending External Validation” after submission. The purpose is to make sure the audit flags and exceptions we’ve built work and to provide data into the Oversight software for trend analysis before go live. Until go live, the Expense Report will stay in this status for 6 hours before being pushed through the normal approval workflow steps. Other than this there will be no changes to how you process or approve Expense Reports. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Traci Ellington, 972-3261.



Beginning with the statement period March 16-April 15, all Department Card transactions will be reconciled on a monthly basis per billing cycle similar to PCard reconciliations. Department Card reconciliations will no longer be processed per trip or per employee. The Department Card statement reconciliations will be due monthly on the same day as PCard statement reconciliations. Instructions for entering these expense reports in Concur can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact the Travel Department at travel@astate.edu or 972-3903.



Effective October 1st, some minor changes are being made to our Concur Travel Management System.  These are intended to improve the travel request and expense reporting processes.

Users will notice a change in the screen layout, but, the required information and elements needed to complete requests and reports will remain the same. 

Should you have questions or need additional information or assistance please visit the Travel Service Page or contact Traci Ellington at 972-3261 or tellington@astate.edu.



Please note that all meal tips must be written on receipts by the purchaser. Tips cannot be typed in at a later date.

Vehicle Safety Program

All who drive on university business must be pre-approved through the Vehicle Safety Program.

Vehicle Safety Forms (VSP1, VSP2, Safety Tips)

Vehicles Used for University Business

Accidents and Traffic Violations: Drivers must report all accidents that occur on university business in any vehicle to local law enforcement while still at the scene, and if in a rental to the rental company. As soon as possible accidents and traffic violations must also be reported to your immediate supervisor and to the A-State Motor Pool at 870-680-4852.

Enterprise - 1-800-307-6666

Personal Auto Insurance: Employees be aware - when using personal vehicles on university business, your personal auto insurance is primary. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance agent to confirm if "business use" coverage is needed. In no circumstance does the university's auto policy provide physical damage coverage for your vehicle.