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Student Group Travel

Sponsored Student Travel

  • The authorized faculty or staff member, known as the sponsor, must obtain prior approval from the department chair or administrator

  • The sponsor must receive prior approval for driving by completing the Vehicle Safety forms (VSP1 and VSP2).

  • The sponsor must submit a Travel Request in Concur

  • All itemized receipts must be obtained for student groups including meal receipts

  • Students must sign a log if cash is received for meals. The log will serve as a receipt for reimbursement and should be uploaded to the Expense Report

State Regulation

In accordance with ACA 19-4-904 (d) state supported institutions of higher education may provide travel expenses for a group or number of students who, when accompanied by those who instruct the students in the fundamentals of a competitive sport and direct team strategy, must travel and be recognized as a cohesive unit representing not only their institution, but exemplifying the State of Arkansas in their behavior, attitudes, interests, presentation and conduct. In these circumstances the payment of group travel expenses, including those of students and employees, may be authorized as follows:

Meals and lodging, transportation, entertainment, within reasonable limits, to ease the pressure on students of their objectives, costs of group activities, including gratuities, laundry, cleaning and favors, and other personal expenses to be paid from auxiliary funds not inconsistent with standards, rules, regulations, or prohibitions established by recognized national or state governing associations pertaining to the respective students and employees and the institutions they are representing.