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Travel Process Check List

Failure to obtain approval for any of these circumstances could result in the traveler being responsible for all travel expenses. 

Before You Travel....

  • The traveler must be approved to travel before any reservations are made.
  • Has the traveler completed the Travel Request in Concur?
  • Is the traveler approved to drive? If not, complete the VSP forms. For more information, call 972-2817.
  • To request a rental car, submit the Vehicle Requisition Form. For more information, call 972-4733. 
  • Contact your automobile insurance agent to confirm if “business use” coverage is required if driving your personal vehicle.
  • Is the traveler driving more than 100 miles round trip? If so, complete the Trip Optimizer and attach to the Travel Request.
  • Use the daily meal allowances on the GSA site for your destination to determine per diem.
  • Determine allowable mileage or use Google Maps or the Mileage Log if your destination is not available on the mileage chart. Upload the proof of mileage to the Travel Request.
  • When a Travel Advance is needed, request the Advance when submitting the Travel Request in Concur. The advance request must be submitted to Travel Services TEN days prior to the trip start date.
  • Review international travel warnings and health alerts online.
  • When using a Department Card for hotel reservations, contact the hotel to see if a credit authorization form is needed.

During Your Trip....

  • Keep all itemized receipts. Failure to do so could result in not being reimbursed the expense or having to pay the department back for a T-Card or Department Card charge.
  • Write meal tip amount on the meal receipt.
  • Obtain “zero balance” hotel bill upon check-out.

Student Groups

  • All itemized receipts must be obtained for student groups including meal receipts.
  • Students must sign a log if cash is received for meals. The log will serve as a receipt for reimbursement and should be uploaded to the Expense Report.

When You Return....

  • Submit an Expense Report in Concur.
  • Update the expense information for each transaction.
  • Upload the required receipts/proof of payment, conference schedule, etc. to the Expense Report. Tape small receipts securely to a piece of paper for scanning. Please do not tape over the print or highlight on the receipt.
  • Include non-reimbursable expenses on the traveler's Expense Report to see a true picture of the cost of the trip.
  • For international travel, use the currency converter built into Concur.
  • Submit the Expense Report in a timely manner and pay back the Travel Advance within 15 (fifteen) working days upon return.

View the Operating Procedures for more information.

Contact Travel Services

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