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Miscellaneous Expenses


Miscellaneous expenses are allowed for the following:

  • Miscellaneous expenses, whether or not directly connected with travel (such as postage, small emergency supplies, etc.) may be allowed with adequate justification when necessary to the performance of official duties

  • Miscellaneous transportation and related expenses such as taxi, bus, airport, limousine or parking expenses are allowable expenses. Receipts are required.

  • Registration (when not paid in advance) and/or other allowable meeting expenses when necessary to carry out the purpose of the trip

Miscellaneous expenses that apply only to Student Group Travel:

  • Entertainment, within reasonable limits, to ease the pressure on students of their objectives, costs of group activities, including gratuities, laundry, cleaning and favors, and other personal expenses to be paid from auxiliary funds not inconsistent with standards, rules, regulations, or prohibitions established by recognized national or state governing associations pertaining to the respective students and employees and the institutions they are representing

Receipts are required