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What is a T-Card?

The State Travel Card, also known as the T-Card, is a credit card that full-time employees use for travel expenses on official business for Arkansas State University. The T-Card program is designed to help better manage official business travel.

What is a Departmental Card?

The State Departmental Card, is a department travel card used for individuals or groups traveling on official business for Arkansas State University. The card is in the name of the department. This card may also be used for guests of the university such as recruits, speakers, or candidates.

Travel Cards Program Guide

How to obtain a T-Card or Department Card?

  • Fill out the T-Card or Department Card application.
  • Get all the necessary signatures on the application and deliver to the Travel Card Coordinator in Accounts Payable/Travel Services. Do not send the application through campus mail.
  • New cardholders must complete a training video and pass a quiz before the Travel Card Coordinator releases the card. Training videos are available through Taleo Learn.
  • If the department already has a card, contact the Travel Card Coordinator to transfer the card to a new custodian.