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Hiring Part-time Employees

Step 1: Request Position through Department

  1. Department searches for part-time employee through department contacts, student contacts, media, or Career Services Center.
  2. Department determines individual to hire.
  3. Department reviews candidate with Dean/Director and VP/VC for approval.

Step 2: Background Check

  1. If the employee is a non-student, a background check is required. Student background checks may be completed at the hiring department's discretion.
  2. Once the candidate has been selected, the hiring department should request a background check
  3. The individual will receive an email with a link from the company that provides our background check to begin the process.
  4. Once results are received, the department is notified when they may continue with the hiring process.

Step 3: New Hire Paperwork

  1. The Hiring Department completes the Assignment Change form to verify payment of new employee.
  2. Assignment Change form is submitted through appropriate channels to include the Dean/Director, VC, Sponsored Programs Accounting, International Faculty/Staff approval, Budget and Human Resources as required.
  3. Assignment Change form is received in Human Resources and matched with employment verification documents including I9, tax withholding documents and background check,
  4. Assignment Change form is then utilized for input of payment into the payroll system by Human Resources.
  5. The employee is responsible for delivering the most current New Hire Paperwork to Human Resources.
    • Employee must bring two forms of identification when turning in their paperwork

Step 4: Current Return-to-Work Requirements

  1. Each employee must complete the Return to Work checklist and submit to Human Resources. (hr@astate.edu)
  2. The employee must complete COVID-19 Safety Training within the Employee Training Seminar in Taleo Learn.
  3. The hiring department should ensure the employee reviews the Return to Learn plan.
  4. Each employee must have a face covering to wear while on campus and must adhere to all practices put into place by the University to maintain the safety of our campus.
  5. Each employee must complete the campus self-check upon arrival to campus each day.

Step 5: New Account Creation

  1. Please ensure the new employee (non-student) checks their personal email for information regarding activating their A-State account and other important steps that need to be completed quickly. (Part-time student employees will not receive an astate.edu email account)