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Hiring Full-time Employees

Step 1: Request Position

  1. Discuss with supervisor
  2. Complete a Hiring Freeze Justification Form and submit to supervisor
  3. Submit to Vice Chancellor

Step 2: Post Job

  1. If you have not already, contact Human Resources to request access to Taleo
  2. Create Requisition in Taleo
  3. Requisition will route through departmental and administrative approvals
  4. Human Resources will approve and post jobs to appropriate career web sites

Step 3: Review Candidates

  1. Form Search Committee - Contact Human Resources to set up search committee access
  2. Mark selected candidates for interview within Taleo
  3. Human Resources will review candidates selected for interview
  4. Office of Diversity will review candidates for non-classified and faculty positions
  5. Human Resources contacts hiring manager with approved list of candidates

Step 4: Schedule Interviews

  1. Contact candidates to schedule interview
  2. Create Interview in Taleo
  3. Document reference checks in Taleo

Step 5: Submit Candidate Offer 

  1. Submit Offer Letter in Taleo
  2. Human Resources extends verbal offer to candidate
  3. Human Resources submits background request to candidate via email
  4. Human Resources submits written offer to candidate
  5. Candidate e-signs offer/contract (replaces contract request form/paper offer letter)

Step 6: Human Resources Initiates Onboarding Process

  1. New Employee completes Onboarding (New Hire Packet) electronically
  2. Payroll Services ensures new employee information is created in Banner
  3. Within 48 hours, an email notification is sent to the new employee’s personal email address with instructions to activate their A-State account and other important steps that need to be completed quickly.

Step 7: Current Return-to-Work Requirements

  1. Each employee must complete the Return to Work checklist and submit to Human Resources. (hr@astate.edu)
  2. The employee must complete COVID-19 Safety Training within the Employee Training Seminar in Taleo Learn.
  3. The hiring department should ensure the employee reviews the Return to Learn plan.
  4. Each employee must have a face covering to wear while on campus and must adhere to all practices put into place by the University to maintain the safety of our campus.
  5. Each employee must complete the campus self-check upon arrival to campus each day.


System Access, Posting Jobs, Candidate Applications, and General Questions - Kathryn Pulliam at 2639 

Interviews, Offers, and Onboarding - Ashley Alexander at 8163