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Hiring Temporary Employees

A-State has contracted with HB Staffing for temporary employment on campus in the grounds, custodial, administrative and events categories. 

Short-Term Special Projects:

(2 weeks or less)

  • Grounds/Landscape
  • Move Crew
  • Custodial Crew
  • Construction
  • Administrative Support

Event Setup and Conversion Staff

Stagehand Specialties:

  • Carpenter
  • Lighting Techs
  • Audio/Video Techs
  • Spotlight Operator
  • Loader

Long-Term Special Projects:

(4 weeks or more)

  • Grounds/Landscape
  • Custodial Crew
  • Construction
  • Administrative Support

Step 1: Contact HB Staffing to Place Requisition

  1. Contact Shanee Oost with job description ready, or visit HB Staffing website
  2. HB Staffing may contact you for more information
  3. HB Staffing will source, qualify, and interview candidates

Step 2: Conduct Interviews for Candidates and Make Selection

  1. HB Staffing will provide final candidates for your interview and selection process
  2. Selected candidate will begin payroll and onboarding process with HB Staffing
  3. HB Staffing will follow up on employee performance

Step 3: Request Sponsored Account 

  1. If the temporary employee will be working on A-State's campus for longer than one week, they will need an A-State ID and email address
  2. Submit Sponsored Account Request form via Share Space with copy of Driver's License

HB Staffing Contact: Shanee Oost

Phone: 417-986-3183

HB Staffing Requisition Site