Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Equal Opportunity Employer

Each person seeking employment with the University shall file an electronic application for employment at http://www.astate.edu/jobs/. A-State is committed to the goal of equal opportunity for all. All personnel responsible for hiring employees and recruiting students share a responsibility to support the University's equal opportunity and affirmative action program and to provide leadership in achieving its goals.

Required Forms

During the interview process, each applicant will be required to complete (1) an Employee Disclosure and Certification form, and (2) an Employee Disclosure Requirements Notice in accordance with the Governor's Executive Order 98-04. These forms must be approved by the Human Resources Department. No offer of employment may be made prior to this approval process.

Employee Disclosure Forms


To be considered for employment with the University, a person must meet any minimum age limitations required by law. For example, employees must be at least 18 years old if employed in a hazardous occupation and 21 years of age if employed as an officer in the University Police Department. Background checks will be performed on all final applicants prior to employment with the University.

Internal Promotions

Department heads are encouraged to visit with all personnel regarding upcoming openings to determine interest among staff. When a department has multiple individuals that are interested in an internal promotion, they need to consider the current employees’ longevity, performance, and educational experience.