Welcome to Arkansas State University!

New Employees: On or Before your first day

Step 1: Complete your I-9 Verification

  1. Review the Electronic 1-9 Kiosk instructions to complete your I-9 electronically
  2. Visit the Office of Human Resources in the Administration Building with your chosen documents no later than your first day of employment
    • Questions? Call HR at 870-972-3454

Step 2: Check your A-State email

  • You will receive notification once your A-State account has been created. Please follow the instructions in the email to activate your my.Astate.edu account. 
  • You will not have access to my.Astate or the Learn Center until your email address has been created.
  • Remember to use your A-State email for official business purposes only.

Step 3: Complete Required Training

  1. Log into my.Astate and click on the Employee Learn Center icon (reminder - you will not have access until your astate.edu email address has been activated)
  2. Click on the New Employee Training Seminar module under My Learning to complete the required courses
    • FERPA** 
    • Child Maltreatment
    • Title IX
    • Data Privacy and Security
  3. Complete learning assessments for each course with a passing score
    • Questions? Contact Cathy at 870-680-8079

**Faculty Members: FERPA Exam completion is required to receive instructor access in Banner and subsequent access to your courses in Blackboard. Please complete the FERPA portion of your training as soon as possible to avoid delays in access. Then, contact the Registrar's Office to request instructor access in Banner.

Step 4: Request Banner Security Access, If Needed

  1. Coordinate with your supervisor if your position requires Banner or other system access
  2. Complete the appropriate form request: http://www.astate.edu/a/banner-support/security

Step 5: Order your Parking Permit

  1. Visit the Parking Services Webpage
  2. Review the Parking Regulations and Maps
  3. Log into my.Astate and select the Parking EBiz icon to order your permit
    • Note - not necessary for remote/off-campus employees

Step 6: Pick up your A-State ID Card

  1. Visit the Campus Card Center on the first floor of the Library
  2. Sign-up for a mobile ID
    • Note - not necessary for remote/off-campus employees

Step 7: Complete Additional Training, If Needed

  1. View the list of recommended trainings for your position type
  2. Schedule training sessions with the appropriate subject matter expert
  3. View additional training guides and workflows