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Tutoring Resources

    A-State has all the tutoring resources that you need in order to be successful. Our cohort of nine tutoring centers concentrates on student support across the disciplines. Whether you need help with writing a paper at the Writing Center or with college algebra in the Math Learning Commons, we are here to guide you. If you are looking for tutors and are not sure which center suites your needs the best, contact Learning Support Services, and they will be happy to help accommodate your specific needs.


    Appointments must be made using the Penji app. It is suggested that appointments be made at least 24 hours in advance when possible. However, appointments can be made right up until the time of any available appointment.

  • Penji Installation
    1. Download the Penji app. The Penji app is available for download for both iOS and Android. The icon is blue with a penguin
    2. Select Sign-up.
    3. Enter your A-State student e-mail address.
    4. Single sign-on with A-state credentials. (This may have to be done more than once.)
    5. Sign-up options: Choose “Learn”. (Optional: How did you hear about app?)
    6. Complete your profile: name, picture, major, etc.
    7. Select your desired center.
  • Directions for Scheduling an Appointment with the Penji App
    1. Pick your desired center.
    2. From the “Learn” screen, select to schedule a 15, 30, or 60-minute session.
    3. Select your particular class section.
    4. Select a day and time for your session.
    5. Select your tutor.
    6. Select your location, either in-person in CSM 201 or WebEx online.
    7. Create an “Agenda” (list what section(s) or topics you wish to work on) and select any materials (if any) that you will be using for the session.
    8. Review all the information and “Confirm”
    9. The upcoming session will appear in your activity feed.
    10. Once there, the session details will contain all information for the appointment including the WebEx meeting link for online appointments.
    11. Join the meeting at the scheduled time via WebEx or go to the in-person location listed.

    For more information: call 870-972-3090 or email: MathLearningCommons@AState.edu

  • Tutoring Locations

    Learning Support Services
    3rd floor, Dean B. Ellis Library
    Concentration on 1000 and 2000 level courses, and courses with high-demand tutoring.

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    K. Overstreet Logan Mathematics Learning Commons
    College of Sciences and Mathematics, Rm 201
    Emphasis on math from Developmental Math to Calculus and beyond, all in one place.

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    World Languages & Cultures
    Humanities & Social Sciences Bldg, Rm 2035-37
    Emphasis on world language tutoring.

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    SMART Center
    Lab Sciences West, Rm 530
    Focus on the sciences from Intro to Biology to Physics.

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    Writing Center
    Dean B. Ellis Library, Rm 133A
    Helps assist from start to finish with any writing assignment.

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    The Communication Center
    Dean B. Ellis Library, Rm 132
    Helps assist with any oral presentation, and communication courses.

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    Student Support Services
    Dean B. Ellis Library, Rm 117
    Private one-on-one tutoring is available for Student Support Services Participants, apply today!


    The Academic Success Center
    Committed to assisting student athletes as they manage sports and academics.