Welcome to Arkansas State University!

The AOS Success Center will open for Fall courses on Wednesday, August 22. 

Welcome to the AOS Success Center




The AOS Success Center is a space for online students to receive tutoring for any style of writing, career needs, and math courses. These tutoring services are FREE to all online students and are available through Penji. Please see below for instructions on downloading, signing up, and making an appointment with AOS. Below is a separate webpage for each tutoring center with more details on who we are, what we do, and when and how we operate. We look forward to seeing you in Penji! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can contact Stephanie Stanley at sdekok@astate.edu.



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Online Career Center

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Online Math Center

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Online Writing Center

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Online Advising Center

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Create an Account with Penji (Web) 

  1. Visit The Penji App
  2. Enter your A-State email and password on my.AState page
  3. Once redirected back to Penji, click 'Continue' 
  4. Choose 'Learn'
  5. Complete your profile

Create an Account with Penji (App)

  1. Download Penji app (Blue icon with penguin)
  2. Enter your A-State email on Penji app
  3. Once redirected to A-State, enter your A-State email and password
  4. Select 'Tutoring' from my.AState options
  5. Once redirected back to Penji, select 'Continue'
  6. Select 'Learn'
  7. Select 'AOS Success Center' from tutoring center options
  8. Complete your profile


  1. Log into Penji HERE and select AOS Success Center.
    1. If you land in the Learning Support Services center, find "Switch to AOS Success Center" in the left-side tab. 
  2. Select the appointment relevant to your studies. 
  3. Select your course (or select Career1234 if requesting career coaching)
  4. Select a day and time for your session.
  5. Select your tutor.
  6. Select your location ('Zoom' for Synchronous or 'Asynchronous')
  7. Create an "Agenda" (list what section(s) or topics you wish to work on) and select any materials (if any) that you will be using for the session.
  8. Review all the information and Confirm.
  9. The upcoming session will appear in your activity feed. Once there, the session details will contain all information for the appointment, including the Zoom meeting link for Synchronous appointments.
  10. If Synchronous, join the meeting at the scheduled time via Zoom. If Asynchronous, expect feedback in the Google Folder from your tutor within the hour.