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Including media in your class can drastically improve student engagement. On this page you will find information and resources on using the multiple media services that are available for you to use in your classes. 

  • YuJa

     is the video management platform used by A-State. You can access your account by using the links embedded in your Blackboard classes or by going to https://astate.yuja.com.  

    YuJa’s portfolio of technologies includes lecture capture, live streaming, and video management. This will allow faculty to create and upload their own recordings to share with students. Yuja includes a built in screen capture program and allows for the uploading of videos created with other software.

    Video tutorials for YuJa can be found on their Help Center

  • Media Server

    To facilitate and sustain the ability for faculty to gain quick access to Zoom recordings that are older than 14 days, a web page has been created to provide you access to your videos on the A-State media server at this link: https://media.AState.edu/recordings/index.php.  In addition to past Zoom recordings, you will have access to all other videos stored under your account on the A-State media server from past semesters.

    media server link

    These videos can be shared in your Blackboard classes by using the Insert/Edit Embedded Media button in the Text Editor.

    Insert Edit Embedded Media

    You do this by setting the Type to Iframe and pasting the provided web address into the File/URL box. 

    iframe settings

    This will then let the students play back the video on their own.

  • Dean B. Ellis Library - Online Video Resources

    Academic Video Online

    Academic Video Online is the most comprehensive video subscription available to libraries. It delivers over 70,000 titles spanning the widest range of subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more. More than 18,000* titles are exclusive to Alexander Street, all with a predictable annual cost.

    Curated for the educational experience, the massive depth of content and breadth of content-types (such as documentaries, films, demonstrations, etc.) in Academic Video Online makes it a useful resource for all types of patrons, giving libraries a high return on investment.

    Access to this service is provided by the Dean B. Ellis Library through the following link. 


    Films on Demand

    Your library has unlimited access to acclaimed documentaries, award-winning educational films, and helpful instructional videos!

    • Thousands of videos and clips
    • New titles added monthly
    • Create and share custom playlists
    • Google Translate in 53 languages
    • Closed-captioning and interactive transcripts for thousands of titles
    • iPad, PC, and Mac friendly
    • At the library, at home, or on the go

    See what is available here. 

  • Miscellaneous Sources

    Internet Archive


    The largest collection of open-license audio, video, and text available on the internet.



    Clips and full episodes from over twenty of PBS's best series.

    The History Channel


    Clips, chapters, and episodes from 60+ different shows from The History Channel.

    Annenberg Media


    Over 100 educational series available for free viewing online.

    Library of Congress: Digital Collections


    A selection of digitized content from the Library of Congress.

    Every Stock Photo


    A searchable catalog of thousands of public domain and open-license images.



    TED is a global set of conferences under a slogan "Ideas Worth Spreading". You can read or watch presentation videos regarding several topics such as technology, design, science, business, global issues, and many more. 

    Creative Commons


    Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.

    Khan Academy


    Free world-class education for anyone anywhere is their moto, with an extensive library of content, including interactive challenges, assessments, and videos from any computer with access to the web.

    LinkedIn Learning


    It helps anyone to learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

  • Tegrity - Legacy Information


    Tegrity was discontinued as of May 16, 2020. All videos on Tegrity should have been moved to your YuJa media folder. If there is a Tegrity video that you would like to try to recover, please contact Kevin Downum, kdownum@astate.edu.  

    What is Tegrity and how does it work?

    Tegrity Campus is a fully automated lecture capture solution used in traditional, hybrid, 'flipped classes" and online courses to record lesson, lectures, and skills. Its personalized learning features make study time incredibly efficient and its ability to affordably scale brings this benefit to every student on campus. Patented search technology and real-time LMS integrations make Tegrity the market-leading solution and service.

    Features for instructors 

    • Record from anywhere, anytime, with or without an Internet connection. The Tegrity Recorder will work whether there is an active Internet connection or not, making it easy for instructors to record anywhere, anytime, whether in the class or sitting on the quad.
    • Unmatched ease-of-use. Simply click to start recording, and click again to pause or stop. The recording is then uploaded to the right course automatically, for only those students enrolled in the course to view.
    • Capture audio, screen and videoTegrity captures synchronized audio, video and computer screen activity with a click of a button. As a recording is in progress, an audio signal meter in the Tegrity Toolbar indicates that audio is being captured at an appropriate level.
    • Broadcast class live. If the instructor wishes, he or she can webcast their class live as it is being recorded. When students login to Tegrity, a “Live Now” indicator will let students know when a class is being webcast live.
    • Make notes and annotations. Instructors (and students) can make private or public notes and annotations in the recording. Notes are associated with specific points along the recording timeline, and when clicked, take the viewer to that specific point within the recording.
    • Connect with students through Tegrity Connect. Instructors can use the Tegrity Connect chat feature to hold virtual office hours for students, or provide assistance outside of class hours as desired.
    • Remotely proctor exams. Tegrity’s Remote Proctoring feature can provide students the ability to take exams remotely, while ensuring the integrity of the exam results. A webcam and microphone records the student taking the test, as well as all their screen activity. The recordings cannot be paused, and are uploaded for instructors to review at up to 8x speed.
    • Video Reports. -Instructors can access reports that show which chapters from a specific class are most accessed or sessions and classes have not been viewed by students. This allows instructors to identify "problem areas" that may need further elaboration.

    Features for students

    • View from anywhere, anytime, on just about any deviceView recordings on a PC, Mac or mobile device using a standard web-browser. Tegrity’s intuitive interface with a detailed timeline and associated thumbnails make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.
    • PowerNotes™ takes note taking to the next level. Take notes live in class or during review with PowerNotes. When your instructor says something you want to go back and review, simply click a button in the PowerNotes™ interface to insert a Bookmark that, when clicked, will take you back to that exact point in the recording. 
    • Print what’s presented in class. Whatever your instructor presented in class can be printed, and your instructor doesn’t even have to upload the document or file. Tegrity automatically creates high-quality printable slides for each chunk of content presented in class.
    • Download a podcast or MP3 version of the recording. If your device doesn’t support streaming, or you won’t have a network connection available, recordings can be downloaded as podcasts, enhanced podcasts or MP3 files.
    • Student Recording: Students can record with Tegrity, provided the professor allows it in a specific course, and watch their recordings upload automatically. This makes it easy to assign oral presentation assignments to students - provided they have a microphone and/or a webcam.

    Tegrity Support

    Tegrity Tutorials

    Help for Instructors
    The Knowledgebase is a great resource for answering questions about the Tegrity software such as creating, editing, and publishing your Tegrity Recordings. Source: Tegrity.com

    Downloading Tegrity Videos
    This tutorial was written with the student in mind and explains how to download and watch Tegrity recordings after they have been published.