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What is a podcast?

A podcast consists of multiple digital media files which are distributed over the internet for playback on either portable media players like iPods, mp3 players, and/or computers. A podcast is very much like a broadcast, because it is a website from which media files are broadcast. Subscribing to a podcast is like listening to a radio broadcast through RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds (news feed technology). By subscribing to an RSS feed or a syndication you automatically get updates when new information is posted. It is a way for people to selectively subscribe to audio and video content over the internet.

What is a Channel?

In podcasting, a channel works almost like a channel on a TV. With podcasting, a channel can be your course title or a main theme or topic. It is somewhat like a seminar that contains sessions or in this case episodes.

When recording, break your lecture down into smaller more manageable sections.

Practical implications for podcasting

By recording your class using a digital recorder or another device, you can upload the file to A-State's podcast manager, and your students can access the podcast and listen to it. It's almost as if they were in a real classroom listening to your lecture.

Once complete, your students only have to click the channel link to download the podcast and listen to it. This will also give them the option to subscribe to your channel and any subsequent new podcasts you create and add via the podcast manager will automatically be delivered to their iPod, mp3 player, or iTunes.