Welcome to Arkansas State University!

What is Faculty180? 

Faculty180 is a web-based faculty activity reporting and evaluation software designed by academics to simplify and streamline data collection and reporting in academe. 

How Does Faculty180 Serve our University?

Faculty180 serves as a central common repository where consistent faculty productivity information can be stored with streamlined input and easy access, across all colleges.  The use of such a system allows faculty to enter their productivity data just one time, rather than gathering it together again each time it is requested.  

How Does Faculty180 benefit faculty?

Faculty180 saves faculty members’ time by:

  • Reducing redundancies by storing all data in one location
  • Reducing data requests from administration (administrators will be able to access the data already entered into Faculty180)
  • Simplifying the PRT process by serving as a repository to pull data from when building a PRT portfolio
  • Giving faculty members the capability to automatically generate documents such as curricula vitae, and biosketches for grant applications
  • Allowing faculty to search for other A-State faculty members by research interest to find collaborators for research or grants

How do I input my data?

You are not required to complete any training before using Faculty180, but if you would like assistance, there are several resources available.

The Faculty Center will host live training sessions periodically. For those unable to attend a live session, a recording of the Faculty180 training is available for viewing at anytime on the MyCampus Faculty Community page.

There are also several videos (as well as text-based assistance) available to you for self-paced training inside Faculty180. 

If further assistance is needed, you may contact the ITS Helpdesk at 870-972-3933, or Tiffany Keb.

How do I access Faculty180?

To access Faculty180, login to the MyCampus portal and click on the Faculty180 icon. If the Faculty180 icon is not visible, please contact Scott Wheat or Tiffany Keb.

When does my productivity data need to be entered?

Your productivity data may be entered into Faculty180 at any time, but must be reviewed, updated, and submitted, when formal input periods are initiated by your dean or department chair.