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Below you will find information on several common support areas. Under each heading you will find links for tools and services that will help you with those topics. On each linked page, you will find PDFs, samples and/or videos to assist you with the selected resource. As always, if you have any questions or need additional information, please let us know.

  • Teaching Tools

    Blackboard Learn

    Blackboard Learn is a course management application designed to enhance teaching and learning. The Blackboard course management e-learning system enables instructors to build and customize course offerings. In addition, students enrolled with Blackboard become engaged in an interactive learning environment.

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    Nearpod is a student engagement platform built to make teaching with technology easy. It’s designed to work with any classroom technology, from iPads and iPhones to Macs and Chromebooks. With Nearpod you can control what your students see and get feedback in real-time.

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    Easy-to-use tools to engage your classroom, adopt and author next generation interactive textbooks, create assignments on the fly and securely administer tests

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    Lumen Learning

    Discover affordable, simple-to-adapt OER course materials that improve learning. 

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    Open Educational Resources

    Course materials don't have to be prohibitively expensive. 

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    Respondus 4.0

    An easy-to use test management software that can be use used to turn word documents into Blackboard tests. You can also import tests from your publishers test bank.

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  • Teaching Styles

    Readiness Assessment

    Taking or teaching an online course can be a challenge. ASU's Online Teaching and Learning Readiness Assessment can help you to gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses related to online learning.

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    Flipped Classroom

    Concepts and activities to enrich teaching in a  dynamic and engaging way. This helps to find and apply research-based concepts that change traditional methods of teaching. In other words, learn how to “turn your traditional classroom on its head.

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    Student Groups

    Tips and suggestions for improving Group work.

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    Active Learning

    Improve learning by making the students active participants.

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    Inquiry Based Learning

    A form of Active Learning where students learn by investigating a question, problem, or scenario.

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    Digital Storytelling

    Digital Storytelling is the art of turning a personal story into a multimedia experience. One can combine images, sound, and their own creative voice to quickly and painlessly create their own story.

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    Learn about applying elements of games to your class to improve student engagement.

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  • Authentication and Proctoring

    Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor

    Respondus LockDown Browser is a customized browser that increases the security of online testing in the Blackboard Learning System. When students use Respondus LockDown Browser to access an assessment, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. Students are locked into an assessment until it is submitted for grading.

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    BioSig-ID™ is a software-only biometric ID verification solution which allows businesses and organizations to authenticate a user’s identity and “gate” secure digital assets such as medical records, bank accounts, learning management systems and other confidential information.

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    ProctorU provides secure live and automated online proctoring services for academic institutions and professional organizations.


  • Media Resources

    Copyright Information

    Information and helpful links which gives the clear understanding about Copyright laws, This helps you to use the materials for educational purpose without breaking any law.

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    A podcast consists of multiple digital media files which are distributed over the internet for playback on either portable media players like iPods, mp3 players, and/or computers.

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    Some helpful information about using Video in your classes. Links to the websites and tutorials are provided. 

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    Software & Apps

    Brief explanations of few helpful programs and links to download them.

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    Social Media

    Some helpful information about using Social Media in your classes. Links to the websites and tutorials are provided. 

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  • Communication Tools


    Upload, share and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files and videos. Over 50 different types of media can be used in a VoiceThread.

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    Messaging Apps

    Keep in contact with your students through text messages. 

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    Blackboard Collaborate

    Blackboard Collaborate is a simple, convenient, and reliable web conferencing solution built for education and training. Engage with the material and your students. Every Blackboard course has access to a Collaborate Course Room for instant collaboration.

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    Webex Meetings

    Webex Meetings is the world’s most popular video conferencing service for the enterprise, offering highly secure integrated audio, video, and content sharing from the Cisco Webex cloud.

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    Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.

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  • Surveys and Evaluations

    Evaluation Kit

    Evaluation Kit is an online tool for administering course evaluations. The tool is available for use campus-wide, and the use of Evaluation Kit is covered by the campus Technology fee. It is integrated with Blackboard, and can be accessed by students, instructors, and administrators online.

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    Qualtrics empowers companies to capture and act on customer, product, brand & employee experience insights in one place.

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  • Productivity Tools

    Microsoft Office

    Learn about the Office suite of tools and some ways they can be leveraged in the classroom.

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    Learn how to leverage various Apple devices and their software in the classroom.

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    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise provides software and computing capabilities that can be accessed online, such as collaboration on documents, photographs, videos, other projects and mass data storage.  Cloud computing is the term used to describe systems of remote computer servers storing files than can be accessed online by multiple users on various types of devices.

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    Cloud Storage

    We have several options for online document storage and sharing. Learn about each and how they can be used in the classroom.

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  • Faculty Resources


    Faculty180 is a web-based faculty activity reporting and evaluation software designed by academics to simplify and streamline data collection and reporting in academe. 

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    Pack Support

    Pack Support serves as the one-stop resource for students seeking campus resources, information and extra guidance. Reach out to Pack Support if you have a student that you think could use assistance dealing with any of the following issues: 

    • Academic performance
    • Harm to self or others
    • Financial concerns
    • Food or shelter anxieties
    • Housing issues
    • Illness or hospitalization
    • Student conduct

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    COVID-19 Teaching Resources for Web-Assisted/Hybrid Classes

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