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Art + Design

The Department of Art and Design is dedicated to the creative, aesthetic and cultural development of visual art students that builds upon a well-rounded liberal arts education.

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Communication focuses on the ways that people make use of both verbal and nonverbal messages to generate meanings within various contexts, cultures and media.

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English & Philosophy

English & Philosophy provides students across the university with critical thinking skills, writing skills, and a broad introduction to the humanities and their importance.

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Heritage Studies

Heritage Studies uses multiple perspectives to explore the interrelationships of history, folklore, literature, geography, culture, and environment in distinctive regions of the United States and the world, especially the Mississippi River Delta.

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History is a set of evolving rules and tools that allow us to interpret the past with clarity, rigor, and an appreciation for interpretative debate.

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Media and Journalism

The School of Media and Journalism is a community of creators and teachers united by a passion for all aspects of media and production.

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Music prepares dynamic music educators, performers, and composers for leadership roles in our profession. We are committed to educating students as well as enhancing and enriching our community through music.

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Political Science

Political Science involves scholarly attempts to understand human behavior and world events. The study of political science prepares one not only for employment, but for life as an informed citizen ready to participate within interest groups, political parties, community organizations; or even service as an elected or appointed official.

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Sociology & Criminology

The Department of Sociology & Criminology utilizes interdisciplinary and applied approaches to address and examine many of today's social concerns.

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The Department of Theatre produces six plays each year from a variety of playwrights, styles and genres. Classical and contemporary dramas, comedies and musicals, as well as children's theatre production shape the typical A-State Theatre Season.

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World Languages & Cultures

Our courses and academic programs provide you an understanding of the French, German, and Spanish cultures' historical and contemporary significance, and facilitate development of proficiency in their languages.

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