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Expanding students’ cultural horizons while providing practical language skills for a variety of career options is at the heart of what we do in World Languages and Cultures.

We offer both the Bachelor of Arts with emphases in French, Global Studies, or Spanish and the Bachelor of Science in Education, with emphases in French and Spanish. The BA, particularly if combined with a major or minor in another area, makes you stand out as someone with special skills, an openness to people from diverse backgrounds, and a readiness to work in our global society. The BSE prepares you for teaching world languages in secondary schools. Our international faculty offer personalized guidance and our study abroad options give you the chance to refine your abilities while immersing yourself in another culture.


Our department now offers Elementary and Intermediate courses in Mandarin Chinese and Arabic, two critical languages according to the U.S. Department of State. Students can also take advantage of study abroad opportunities in Taiwan and the Middle East to further their language skills. Proficiency in these languages significantly enhances career prospects in international business, diplomacy, and national security. For more information, contact Vicent Moreno at vmoreno@astate.edu


If you have already begun your Spanish acquisition before coming to A-State, take the placement test to assess your language ability.

Contact vmoreno@astate.edu for more information. 

Increase your employability with a world language minor

In today's competitive global job market, having the ability to speak and write in another language can give you the edge.  Employers are looking for candidates who can communicate well and can work with people from diverse backgrounds. Consider doing a minor in French, German, or Spanish.  Or choose the cross-disciplinary International Studies minor.  Each requires only 18 credit hours.  

Spanish for the Professions

The Certificate in Spanish for the Professions gives you real-world language skills in the work environment to communicate with the millions of Spanish-speaking people in the US.  It requires 12 hours of courses focusing on practical language development.   

Ask an Adviser

BA FRENCH  Dr. Warren Johnson

BA GLOBAL STUDIES  Dr. Warren Johnson or Dr. Vicent Moreno

BA SPANISH  Dr. Vicent Moreno


MINOR FRENCH  Dr. Warren Johnson


MINOR SPANISH Dr. Gabriel Horowitz, Dr. Anne McGee or Dr. Vicent Moreno