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A Distinguished Field

History is a set of evolving rules and tools that allow us to interpret the past with clarity, rigor, and an appreciation for interpretative debate. It requires evidence, sophisticated use of information, and a deliberative stance to explain change and continuity over time. As a profoundly public pursuit, history is essential to active and empathetic citizenship and requires effective communication to make the past accessible to multiple audiences. As a discipline, history entails a set of professional ethics and standards that demand peer review, citation, and toleration for the provisional nature of knowledge.

—American Historical Association Tuning Project: History Discipline Core

Read what MacArthur Genius Grantee Sunil Amrith had to say about the relevance of history today: Why History is More Important Now Than Ever Before

A Myriad of Opportunities

A-State history students hone their skills through a wide variety of courses and assignments. In one section of World History since 1500, for instance, they researched the life of Olaudah Equiano to create the storymap below as well as a timeline and a Fakebook page. To access a portal of course offerings past and present, click here.

Department of History Minors

All minors require 18 hours of coursework. Details are listed in the undergraduate catalog. For more information contact Dr. Justin Castro, jcastro@astate.edu


2021 Departmental Honor Awards

BSE Social Science 

Chelsea Cox

BA History 

Ryken Cocherell 

MA (Dr. John Galloway Award) 

David Gleason

Dept Scholarship Winners

Roger & Janna Lambert Scholarship 

Abigail Pucik

Fairy Gillespie Scholarship

Mackenzie Dodds

Dr. C. Calvin Smith Scholarship

Christian Walls 

Cooper-Huitt Scholarship

Kaylee Crain

C.K. and Linda McFarland Scholarship

Jeydon Riggs

Dennis Rousey Book Awards

Best Practice of History Paper Award

Connor Rawls

Best Undergraduate Paper

Nathan Wheaton

Best Graduate Paper

William "Cole" Younger

African American Studies

You only need 18 hours to complete the minor! If you are not currently an African-American Studies minor and wish to become one, please contact Dr. Cherisse Jones-Branch at 972-3291.