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Research in Our College

Phototherapy Institute:

Projects currently underway:
  • Research into the effectiveness of "blue light" as an inhibitor for microbial growth
  • Research into the effect of visible  light on various cell cultures
  • Clinical research related to musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions
  • Association between chronic low back pain & diaphragmatic status
  • Dietary influence related to exercise induced fatigue
  • Pain neuroscience education

Susan Motts, PT, PhD

Amber Wooten, RT, RDMS (AB)(OB)

Deanna Barymon, RT, RDMS

Trauma/abuse involving wounded Veterans, children, suicide, interpersonal violence across all ages and disaster survivors:

Melanie Mata, MSN

Larry Morton, SW, PhD

Susie Snellgrove, Nurs, PhD

Cheryl Knight, SW, PhD

Mark Foster, DNP

Issues involving healthy aging, health literacy, obesity, diabetes, exercise, pain management, nutrition, smoking and dementia:

Shawn Drake, PT, PhD

Susan Motts, PT, PhD

Libby Nix, Nurs, PhD

Bilinda Norman, DNP

Patricia Walls, SW, PhD

Christine Wright, OT, PhD

Mark Foster, DNP

Educational Curriculum, Progression and Assessment:

  • Attrition and identification of at risk AD nursing students using the HESI A-2 and the HESI LPN to ADN Mobility Exam
  • Use of the Smarter Measures Online Readiness Assessment in determining success in an online program

Libby Nix, PhD

Sarah Davidson, DNP

Driving Simulation:

  • Reaction Time Neurocom to Simulator
  • Reaction Time Verbal Distraction to Simulator

Amanda Mohler, OT, MOT

Shawn Drake, PH, PhD

Imaging Research:

  • Bone Density in Adults with Scoliosis

Shawn Drake, PT, PhD

Cheryl DuBose, EdD

Mark Foster, FNP, DNP

Autism and Metabolic Factors Team:

Andrea Brown, MSOT

Shawn Drake, PT, PhD

Susan Motts, PhD

Stacy Walz, PhD

Kris Biondolillo, Psych, PhD

Hippotherapy Team:

Farley Schweighart, PT, Cert DN

Andrea Brown, MSOT

Literacy Intervention Program (LIPs Program):

  • Treatment Outcome Measures of Individuals With Dyslexia Using Competing Intervention Models
  • Long-Term Meta Analysis of School Performance Following Dyslexia Intervention

Arianne Pait, MA, CCC-SLP, CD

Christina Akbari, PhD, CCC-SLP, CD

Joy Good, PhD, CCC-SLP, CD

Angie Shipman, MCD, CCC-SLP (practitioner)

Areas in Athletic Training:

  • Thermal Insulation Efficiency of Water Coolers
  • Financial Resources of Collegiate Athletic Training Budgets in South Carolina - 5 Year Review
  • Musculoskeletal Injury Prediction Model for Instrumental Musicians
  • Clinical Prediction Models to Identify Risk Factors Associated With Sport-Related Concussion: A Synthesis of CARE Consortium Data
  • Clinical Prediction Models to Identify Risk Factors Associated With Sport-Related Concussion in Intercollegiate Football Players: A Synthesis of CARE Consortium Data
  • Clinical Predicition Models to Identify Risk Factors Associated With Concussion in Military Cadets: A Synthesis of CARE Consortium Data

Scott Bruce, EdD, AT, ATC

Robert Bradley, EdD, LAT, ATC

Other University and External Researchers