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In addition to university scholarships, CNHP students have the following scholarships available. Additional criteria may apply in order to qualify. Criteria and applications for 2020-2021 are available outside the Dean's Office and at this link.  A hard copy should be submitted to the Dean's Office no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 2, 2020.

College Specific Scholarships

NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital Scholarship Endowment

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time student admitted to any professional program in CNHP
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Demonstrates academic achievement
  • Demonstrates financial need
  • Must be a junior or senior level student

Jon A. Linder/Douglas Jon Seitz Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Single parent who is an Arkansas resident
  • Student must have completed 50 undergraduate semester hours before being considered
  • Must be a full-time student with a minimum 3.0 (3.0/4.0) cumulative grade point average
  • Majoring in an undergraduate degree program of the following: (Listed in priority order): Nursing; Communication Disorders; Health Professions

Marie Deacon Landon Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time graduate student working toward a degree in physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy
  • Demonstrates academic achievement
  • Financial need is not a main criterion but may be considered
  • Satisfactory academic progress towards a degree

Maurice Ward Endowed Rehab Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time student in OT, PT, Speech or Athletic Training
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Scholarship is renewable for one year by continuing to meet criteria as noted above

Communication Disorders

L.H. Sternheimer Family Scholarship in Communication Disorders*

Eligibility Requirements
  • Graduating senior from a high school in Craighead County, Arkansas with a minimum 3.0 grade point average who plans to enroll in Arkansas State University the following fall semester.
  • Pursuing a degree in College of Nursing and Health Professions majoring in Communication Disorders.  Preference given to students specializing in deaf and hearing impaired.
  • Recipient should demonstrate citizenship as evidenced by sound moral character, good social-emotional adjustment and participation in extracurricular activity.
  • In the event there are no qualified recipients for the above, the award shall be designated to the Sternheimer Family Scholarship in Music following appropriate criteria guidelines.

George Herndon Graduate Scholarship*

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time student in their second term of the Graduate Program in Communication Disorders
  • Completed application due by November 1
  • Resume listing responsibilities, achievements and activities since high school graduation
  • Brief autobiographical narrative to be used for publicity
  • Anticipated personal expenses for the spring semester.

Selection will be made by Department of Communication Disorders Scholarship committee; comprised of five members; Director of the Communication Disorders Program, two members of the Communication Disorders faculty, one representative of the Regional Association for Communicative Disorders and the Director of Development or his/her designee.

Jane LeBlanc Graduate Scholarship*

Eligibility Requirements
  • Must be a full-time, unconditionally admitted student to the Graduate Program in Communication Disorders
  • Must have a 3.0 or higher and maintain it

*These scholarships must be applied for through the department.


Sister Patricia Lee Findley Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time BSN junior or senior level student
  • Minimum 3.0 overall GPA
  • Active member of Arkansas State SNA
  • Plans to remain in Northeast Arkansas for at least one year post-graduation
  • Demonstrated financial need is NOT a requirement

Leet Family Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Strong consideration to minority students (Please voluntarily disclose on your application if you are a minority.)
  • Full-time student pursuing BSN degree.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • First preference to Poinsett County students (2nd Crittenden & 3rd, Craighead).
  • Preference will be given to applicant with financial need.

Ray H. Hall & Kathleen Scott Hall Nursing Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Senior student
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Demonstrates financial need
  • Within 15 county area of Northeast Arkansas

Bill Penix, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time student entering or enrolled in Adult Health MSN degree program
  • Preference to students interested in public mental health nursing
  • Demonstrates academic achievement
  • Demonstrates commitment to nursing profession
  • Demonstrates satisfactory progress toward degree
  • Demonstrated financial need is NOT a requirement

Carla Brooks Spears Endowment in Nursing Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time AASN student on all campuses & degree sites
  • Demonstrates financial need
  • Satisfactory academic progress toward degree
  • Skills and attitudes should demonstrate qualities beneficial to nursing profession

Susan Tolliver Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time AASN or BSN student
  • Evidence of academic achievement
  • Demonstrates financial need
  • Preference to students who do not qualify for state-funded Academic Distinction Scholarships

Lillian G. & Homer G. Proctor Nursing Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • The applicant must be an admitted student in either the RN to BSN or BSN nursing program
  • The applicant must be a junior or senior-level student
  • Applicant must be enrolled in the nursing program at Arkansas State University – Mountain Home.

Linnie Wisdom-Maude Wilson Honors Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time student in BSN program (at least junior standing)
  • Must be Arkansas resident
  • Commitment to career in nursing
  • Outstanding academic achievement
  • Demonstrates financial need

Dr. Rebecca Matthews Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time student in the Accelerated Nursing Program.
  • Financial Need to be Considered

William & Harriet Mildred Smith Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Must have completed the sophomore year of the BSN program (rising junior & senior level students)
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Priority in selection process to a graduate of Brookland High School
  • If no BHS graduate is eligible, a Craighead County High School graduate will be eligible

Bartels Family Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time RN - BSN student
  • Resident of Arkansas
  • Demonstrates financial need
  • Payable annually

Sigma Theta Tau International, Eta Theta Chapter Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time undergraduate student enrolled in the School of Nursing who is a member of Sigma Theta Tau
  • Students must have an overall GPA of 3.5
  • Student must demonstrate leadership with a commitment to a career in nursing.

Dr. Angie and Fred Schmidt Nursing Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full time student.
  • Student must be enrolled in the MSN Program, any option, in good standing.
  • 3.75 cumulative GPA with a minimum of 25 credit hours in MSN Program during the last year of study.
  • MSN Faculty will select finalists during the fall semester and forward to Dr. Angie Schmidt for final approval.  

Emily Sloan Abernathy Kluge Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full time student admitted to any professional nursing program.
  • Student must have a 3.0 overall GPA.
  • Student must demonstrate financial need.

Social Work

Martha Ivener Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full time junior or senior (preferred) majoring in social work.
  • Demonstrates commitment to child welfare through completion of, or enrollment in Child Welfare or Child Abuse and Neglect.
  • Personal statement (volunteer experience, current employment/future plans in child welfare).
  • Enrollment in or completion of a Field Placement (Field I or Field II) with the Division of Children and Family Services.
  • Academic performance (grades in child welfare related courses and overall GPA)
  • At least one letter of recommendation from an ASU Social Work faculty member and /or DCFS Field Instructor.

Ryan Family Scholarship for Addiction Studies

Eligibility Requirements
  • ASU MSW student in good standing and enrolled in the Addictions Certificate program.
  • Preference will be given to individuals in recovery.
  • Additional considerations are academic performance, demonstrated commitment to recovery, and service to the community.

Applications should be picked up from the Addictions Studies Coordinator in the Social Work department, E. Smith building, room 327.  All applications and other required materials are due no later than the second Friday in November. One student will be selected to receive the scholarship in the amount of $1,000 per year. Scholarship funds will be deposited directly into the students on-campus account. The recipient may apply the scholarship to tuition, books, fees, and/or personal expenses.

The written application and other required materials will be submitted to the Addiction Certificate Coordinator. The Addiction Certificate Program Community Advisory Board will review all applications and select the awardee.

Contact the Addictions Studies Coordinator in the Social Work department for more information at 870-972-3984.

Physical Therapy

Bob and Frances Puryear Physical Therapy Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Applicants should be enrolled in the DPT program.
  • Students may apply in the spring semester of their first or second year of the DPT program (third year students will graduate before fall award).  The award will be for the following fall term.
  • Applicants should fill out the CNHP Scholarship application and attach a resume, financial statement and Professional Behaviors self-assessment.   
  • Applicants should have two DPT faculty members complete a Professional Behaviors assessment on them and place it in a sealed envelope to be placed with the application.

Athletic Training

Dr. Hank Jordan Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time student majoring in Athletic Training.
  • Student must have completed an undergraduate degree and have been admitted to the Athletic Training program.
  • In the event of a GPA tie in the selection process, the selected recipient should have the greatest amount of credit hours.