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Faculty Resources

Use the links on this page to locate important forms and information used to advise students.

  • Registration Information

    Students who wish to register for courses must do so online through Self Service. Instructions on how to register along with an explanation of the registration pages in Self Service can be located in the Student myCampus Registration Guide. For more information about Registration Tips, Late Registration, Registration Overload, Registration Permits, Web Courses or to view the Registration Guide, please follow the above link.

  • Transfer Coursework

    Students who transfer to Arkansas State University may have taken courses that are comparable to the coursework we require here at Arkansas State University. The Chairperson from an appropriate department may accept this coursework. 

    The Registrar Office will only accept the Evaluation Form from the department chair.

    For specific institutional transfer comparisons, please use the A-State Transfer Course Equivalency System.

  • Change of Major

    The Office of Admissions, Records and Registration has an electronic Change of Major form which can be accessed only by faculty and staff in myCampus.

    The student goes to the department of the new major and meets with the new advisor or departmental staff. The new advisor or departmental staff submits the online Change of Major form, which is available via myCampus.

    The advisor and the student will receive an email stating that the submission has occurred. The Office of Admissions, Records and Registration also receives an email for processing. When the change is processed, an email will be sent to the advisor stating that the change of major is complete.

    The student should bear in mind that a change may result in modifying graduation requirements to such an extent that graduation may be delayed.

  • Repeat Courses

    Students may repeat a combined total of 18 semester hours from all institutions attended in which grades of D or F were earned, and have only the last grade counted in computing the grade point average for undergraduate degree requirements.

    Please use the above link for a more detailed list of requirements for repeating a course.

  • Request for Incomplete Grade Form

    Students may request an Incomplete in a course if for some reason they cannot complete the course. Medical emergencies or unexpected life events are typical reasons a student might receive an Incomplete in a class. All students must receive approval from their professor to determine the best course of action in these situations.

    Faculty must initiate the Incomplete Grade Form and submit the completed form to the department chair.

  • Departmental Course Substitution / Approval Form

    An advisor as well as a chairperson from an appropriate department must approve all course substitutions.

    Students may initiate the form, however, the advisor must approve by forwarding a copy of the form to the department chair. The department chair must then sign and forward the form to the Registrar’s office.

    The Registrar Office will only accept the Course Substitution Form electronically from the department chair.