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Repeating Courses

We continually update student records for repeated courses. Please check your transcript to see if an update has already been processed.

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Repeating Courses

Repeat Form

This is the form that must be filled out and turned in to the Office of the Registrar AFTER a class has been taken over in an effort to obtain a better grade.

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What courses can I repeat?

According to the Undergraduate Bulletin:

Students may repeat a combined total of 18 semester hours from all institutions attended in which grades of D or F were earned, and have only the last grade counted in computing the grade point average for undergraduate degree requirements. Courses may be repeated anytime before the first Baccalaureate degree is awarded. The student can select the courses eligible to be repeated as long as these courses meet the requirements below.

  2. The student must have earned a grade of D or F in the course. Note: A grade of F cannot replace a grade of D. If the grade in the first attempt is a D and the grade in the second attempt is an F, both grades will be counted.
  3. Students may repeat a combined total of 18 semester hours from all institutions attended.
  4. All other repeated courses will have both grades counted. Degree hours will be applied only once toward graduation requirements.
  5. Courses repeated must be the exact course. Students may not use substitutions for repeated courses.
  6. Repeats cannot be completed after a degree has been awarded.

The student should be aware that the grade of D or F from any previous attempts will remain on the transcript. The previous attempts will be indicated by an "E" in the repeat column.

Developmental courses are not included in the "Repeating of Courses" policy.

The department chair, the appropriate college dean, and the registrar will determine the application of the repeat course policy in those instances where course numbers and/or titles have been changed at Arkansas State University and for courses completed at other institutions of higher education. Every student is eligible for the provisions of the repeat policy, regardless of the Bulletin year in which the student entered ASU.

How long does it take for the transcript to be updated after turning in the form?

Students should check their transcript in 3 to 5 days after turning in the form to give the Office of the Registrar time for processing.

How can you tell if the form has been processed when viewing a transcript?

You can look for an "E" in small print beside the first attempt of the course. This "E" represents that the class has been "excluded out" from your GPA.

What course can replace the other?

The courses must be the exact same course. For instance, if you take World Civilization to 1660 and you want to repeat the course, you must retake World Civilization to 1660. You cannot take World Civilization FROM 1660 to replace the grade you made in World Civilization TO 1660.

Applying for Graduate School

Students who are planning to apply for admission to graduate school should take note that most graduate/professional schools recalculate GPAs based upon ALL courses that students have attempted during their college career. Thus, any repeated courses will have both grades counted in consideration for graduate school admission.