Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Check out some pro tips as well as some terminology tips that we’ve put together! These are tips that we think are super important to know and to keep in the back of your mind while here at A-State! We hope that these tips along with all of the other content on this page is beneficial and that there are numerous take-aways that will help you while at Arkansas State University!

Pro Tips

Terminology Tips

Note: Chromebooks run off of their own operating system and are unable to download programs (i.e. Office 365, etc.) that you may need during your time here at A-State. We strongly recommend that you purchase a Windows machine or a Mac instead as Chromebooks are not supported.

We know that the transition to online learning can be challenging, so we have put together some information that we hope will be beneficial!

Pivot to Online Learning

Digital Learning Session – 07/23/2020

Technology (hardware and software) and Internet access will be key to course success in the Fall 2020 semester! We have put together some technology recommendations along with back to school tips for students to make sure you have the technology and resources needed to be successful in your courses.

Back to School Tips

We’ve also put together tutorials of some of our most commonly asked questions! If you are needing assistance with the following topics, click on the respective links for step-by-step guides to assist you! 

Clear Browsing Data

Microsoft Office

Update Browser

Update Operating System


We’ve even put together some iPad, Mac, and Windows tips and ticks as well as some iPad app recommendations! We hope that these will be beneficial as well! Also, tune in on Tuesdays for new Tech Tips! Check all of this out below!

Tips & Tricks

App Recommendations

The IT Help Desk serves A-State students, faculty, & staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with all IT needs and is excited to be your first point of contact for resolving your IT concerns! The IT Help Desk staff is committed to providing the most up-to-date information to help guide you during your time at A-State.

IT Help Desk

Pack Support serves as the one-stop resource for students seeking campus resources, information, and extra guidance. They connect students, parents, faculty, and staff to the understanding or navigation of university procedures and resources via quick, effective communication.

Pack Support

A-State has all of the tutoring resources that you need in order to be successful. Our cohort of nine tutoring centers meet concentrate on student support across the disciplines. Whether you need help with a paper at the Writing Center or help with college algebra in the Math Learning Commons, we’re here to help! If you’re looking for tutoring and aren’t sure which center suites your needs the best, contact Learning Support Services and they will be happy to help accommodate your specific need.


Are you living on campus? Do you know who to contact when issues arise? If not, no worries! We’ve highlighted who to contact and when to help meet your needs while living in one of our residence halls!

University Housing