Welcome to Arkansas State University!

We all know that face-to-face instruction has shifted and we have all had to pivot to online learning where we are having to attend a class online, take notes, and learn how to balance different aspects of our life – all from our home. 

For the past few months, we have all been learning how to pivot and accept the reality that change is coming and understanding where to get help and how to get organized are important factors to being successful with online learning.

The A-State website has a lot of helpful information and an easy way to navigate through is under the A to Z index. This is a great way of going straight to what you are looking for instead of spending hours trying to search for a specific topic.

Pack Support serves as the one-stop resource for students seeking campus resources, information, and extra guidance. They connect students, parents, faculty, and staff to the understanding or navigation of university procedures and resources via quick, effective communication. Feel free to contact Pack Support for information on various campus resources.

The Information Technology Services Help Desk exists to help serve students, faculty, and staff 24/7 and is excited to be your first point of contact for providing solutions to your IT needs. The IT Help Desk can assist with many issues, including: first-time account setup, password reset, Microsoft Office installation, and more. The IT Help Desk staff is committed to providing the most up-to-date information to help guide you during your time here at A-State. Feel free to contact the IT Help Desk via phone at (870) 972-3933 or via email at itshelpdesk@astate.edu. You can even submit a work order if you prefer.

There are also a selection of self-help tools available for solutions to everyday problems. Some are listed below:

How will I get assistance?

A-State faculty and staff are all available to assist you! You are not alone in your college career! Phone numbers can be found on the A-State website as well as email addresses to the person(s) you need in order to be successful.

When are office hours?

Due to the nature of COVID-19, this has shifted; however, most areas or departments are setting up online meetings to be able to social distance and still be able to solve and assist where needed.

How do I balance everything?

We get it! It was hard when you were physically on campus, but remember that we are all in this together and we all face similar struggles to coping with the world in the current state. Try to keep a positive outlook! It will not always be like this! Times change and looking forward can help keep us on task. Use notes, reminders, and calendar apps or even just a piece of paper to maintain a routine.

How can I do everything from one device?

Having several windows open at one time can be distracting; however, with a few keyboard shortcuts, it can really save time. Having multiple windows open and resizing them to where you can see all of the different windows you need at once is a great way to be able to get the most out of your device.

Listed below are various shortcuts that you may find beneficial!

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

What tools are available to assist me?

A-State offers Microsoft Office 365 for free to active students, faculty, and staff for personal use on a computer, iPad and/or tablet. A-State also offers several other pieces of software available to download on the Software Downloads page. The A-State app is available to keep you connected to your peers. There are computer labs in most buildings available for use. The IT Help Desk and the IT Store are available to assist with technical issues. Pack Support (mentioned above) and the Counseling Center are also available to help with any need that you may have. Tutoring resources are available and you can even schedule appointments with other students to assist you if you are struggling with a section or class.

I am not tech-savvy! How do I cope?

Being tech-savvy does have its perks for online learning, but that doesn’t have to discourage you! Our Faculty Center has a lot of tools and resources available for your instructors that can help so they are not reinventing the wheel. The IT Help Desk and the IT Store are also available to assist and if you are struggling, the IT Help Desk has the ability to remote into your computer to better assist and resolve your issues. Many times, it’s easier to see the issue than it is to explain it!

I’m stressed! HELP! 

We all get overwhelmed! It’s natural! After all, we are only human! Take some deep breaths and stay positive. A-State faculty and staff are all here to help provide the best learning experience for our campus community. Reach out to any of the areas mentioned above and we will make sure that we resolve your issue or get you to the correct area(s).