Welcome to Arkansas State University!

How to Find Out Where Your Classes are Located

  1. Log into the my.AState portal.
  2. Click Self Service Banner.
  3. Enter your ID number and PIN.
  4. Click Student.
  5. Click Registration.
  6. Click Student Schedule Detail.
  7. Select the appropriate term from the drop-down box and then click Submit.
  8. You should see all of your courses as well as the building and room number your course is located.

How to Find Out Where a Building is Located On Campus

A really helpful tool to use in order to figure out where buildings are located on campus is the A-State Students app. On the A-State Students app, you can take a virtual tour of campus as well as view the campus map! The virtual tour has students explaining and showing where specific buildings are located on campus, which is super helpful! The A-State Students app is available on the App Store or Google Play. It is super important that you download the correct A-State Students app. When you search for the app in either the App Store or Google Play, simply search “A-State Students” and it should be the first app that is listed. You will probably also see an app that is listed as A-State SmartCampus. The A-State SmartCampus app is no longer supported; therefore, it is best to use the A-State Students app instead. You can find images of both of these apps below.


How to Find Out What Books You Need & Where to Get Them

All professors at A-State are required to let the A-State Bookstore on campus know which textbooks will be required for every course that they teach. Therefore, if you go to the A-State Bookstore, they will have things in place to help you determine which textbooks you need for all of your classes. You can also follow the instructions below to order your books online from the A-State Bookstore.

  1. Login into the my.AState portal.
  2. Click Self Service Banner.
  3. Click Student.
  4. Click Registration.
  5. Click Order Books.
  6. Select the appropriate semester to display a complete list of your courses for that semester.
  7. Click BookNow – Order Your Books.
  8. From here, you will be able to order your books online from the A-State Bookstore.

If you have excess financial aid, you can request Book Money to use toward the purchase of your textbooks. Otherwise, you will need to purchase your textbooks out of pocket. If you have questions regarding your financial aid, feel free to contact the Financial Aid office at (870) 972-2310.

How to Find Out Who Your Academic Advisor Is

As an A-State student, it will be important to know who your academic advisor is in order to ask questions regarding your classes and degree plan. You can find out who your academic advisor is by following the instructions below.

  1. Login to the my.AState portal.
  2. Click Self Service Banner.
  3. Click Student.
  4. Click Student Records.
  5. Click View Student Information.
  6. From here, you will be able to find out who your primary academic advisor is.

How to Change Your Major

In order to change your major, you will need to speak with your academic advisor and ask them to get you in touch with the department your new major falls into. You will need to schedule a meeting with your new academic advisor from that department and they should be able to make the change for you. 

How to Login to Blackboard

Arkansas State University users:

  1. Access Blackboard.
  2. Click the “Login to Blackboard” button.
  3. Enter your A-State username and password.
  4. Authenticate using Duo.

Childhood Services and Other users:

  1. Access Blackboard.
  2. Click the CHS Training Login or Other Login link.
  3. Click Continue on the popup.
  4. Login with your username and password.

More information and login instructions can be found here.

How to Get a Parking Permit

As an A-State student, in order to park your vehicle in all of the parking lots on campus, you will need to purchase a parking permit. You can get a parking permit by following the instructions below.

  1. Login to the my.AState portal.
  2. Click Parking.
  3. From here, you can purchase a parking pass.
  4. You will need to input all of your vehicles’ information as well as your license plate number. 

Click here to view the commuter parking map!

How to Add Your A-State ID Card to Your Smart Device

Your A-State ID card can now be added to your mobile device and used anywhere that your physical card is accepted. With a simple tap of your smartphone or smartwatch, you have the ability to open a door, enjoy a meal, or attend an event. The app that you will need to download is called Transact eAccount and is available on the App Store or Google Play. You can find instructions on how to set up this feature on your mobile device here.

How to Connect to Wi-Fi On Campus

AstateSecure is the best and most secure wireless network on A-State’s campus. In order to connect to AstateSecure, you will need to log in with your A-State username and password. 

Express Dollars vs Flex Dollars

Think of Express Dollars as campus currency. You can add funds to your Express Dollars account by following the instructions below.

  1. Login to the my.AState portal and click the eAccounts icon.
  2. If you have never accessed eAccounts, you will need to register (when prompted to enter your ID number, be sure to enter a 7 in front of your ID number).
  3. Once registered, click +Add Money in the A State Express $ section on the left sidebar to add funds to your Express Dollars account.

You can use Express Dollars at most places on campus (including the IT Store). You can also use Express Dollars at a variety of off campus places around town! Click here to check out a complete list of places, both on and off campus, that accept Express Dollars.

Flex Dollars are a part of most meal plans. Flex Dollars can be used at any of A-State’s dining venues, including Acansa Dining Hall, the Food Court, the Campus Store, Starbucks, Simply to Go, etc.

University Police Department (UPD) Information

Arkansas State University’s University Police Department phone number is (870) 972-2093. UPD’s services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! They also have an email address that you can email if you have any safety concerns. Email UPD at safe@astate.edu

University Police Department (UPD) Escort Information

One service that UPD offers is a 24 hour escort service. If you ever are walking around campus and feel unsafe, UPD will send an officer to come and walk with you. Just give them a call at (870) 972-2093 and let them know where to meet you. The starting and ending locations must be on campus for this service.

Who to Contact if You Have Questions

There are a ton of departments here at Arkansas State that are always willing to help! A few of them are listed below.

  • Access & Accommodation Services: If you will be needing assistance in a class due to a disability or seeking accommodation for a disability, contact Access & Accommodation Services at (870) 972-3964.
  • Campus Card Center: For questions about getting an A-State ID Card or Mobile Credential, contact the Campus Card Center at (870) 972-2900.
  • Career Services: For questions about resources to help you connect your major with a variety of career opportunities, contact Career Services at (870) 972-3025.
  • Counseling Center: If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, or just needing to speak with someone, contact the Counseling Center at (870) 972-2318.
  • Financial Aid: For questions about financial aid, contact Financial Aid at (870) 972-2310.
  • Information Desk: The Information Desk is located on the second floor of the Student Union, next to Starbucks. You can go to this desk to ask any questions you may have such as where a specific building is located on campus. The Information Desk also has a lost and found, so if you find a lost item you can take it to them for safe keeping!
  • IT Help Desk: If you are experiencing technological difficulties and need assistance, contact the 24/7 IT Help Desk at (870) 972-3933.
  • Pack Support: For information about campus resources, extra support, and guidance, contact Pack Support at (870) 972-3657.
  • Registrar: For questions about class scheduling, academic standing, transcript services, and other information, contact the Registrar at (870) 972-2031.
  • Treasurer’s Office: For questions about your A-State account and billing, contact the Treasurer’s Office at (870) 972-2285.
  • Tutoring: For questions about tutoring centers and tutoring options, contact the Tutoring Center at (870) 972-2440.
  • University Housing: For questions about housing or living on campus, contact University Housing at (870) 972-2042.

Business Hours

Most departments on campus have business hours of Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM. There are exceptions to this. Below are a few areas and their business hours.

  • Bookstore: Monday-Friday 7:30AM-5PM; open on weekends during footballs games
  • Library: Monday-Thursday 7AM-1AM; Friday 7AM-6PM; Saturday 12PM-6PM; Sunday 12PM-1AM; hours change during holidays and other exceptions

Note: Dining Services locations and hours will be added once confirmed.