Welcome to Arkansas State University!

A-State ID Number/Campus Wide ID Number/ID Number

Your A-State ID number will be vital during your time here at Arkansas State! Your A-State ID number is how you will be identifiable in all of our systems, so make sure you memorize it or keep your A-State ID Card with you at all times so you can check the back of it and easily find your A-State ID number!

A-State Students App

The A-State Students app is a really helpful tool to use as a student here at Arkansas State! You can use this app to communicate with other students as well as faculty and staff, use the campus map to figure out how to get around campus, and get in touch with the IT Help Desk if you are having any IT-related issues! The A-State Students app is available on the App Store or Google Play. It is super important that you download the correct A-State Students app. When you search for the app in either the App Store or Google Play, simply search “A-State Students” and it should be the first app that is listed. You will probably also see an app that is listed as A-State SmartCampus. The A-State SmartCampus app is no longer supported; therefore, it is best to use the A-State Students app instead. You can find images of both of these apps below.


A-State Username & Password

Your A-State username and password is what you will use in order to log into the my.AState portal, your student email and into any of the computers on campus. Your username is your firstname.lastname@smail.astate.edu. There are some anomalies. If your name is especially long, your username might be shortened. If your name is common, you may have a number at the end of your username. Your password is something that you create on your own and also something that you should not share with anyone!

Requirements for Your Password

  • At least eight characters long
  • At least one number
  • At least one lowercase letter
  • At least one uppercase letter
  • Cannot start with a number
  • Cannot contain any symbols
  • Cannot contain your name or username
  • Cannot match any of your previous passwords


AstateGuest is a severely limited wireless network that does not allow you to access important sites such as the my.AState portal or Blackboard. AstateGuest will allow you to do basic Internet activities, but is specifically designed for sponsored guests of the university. Although not recommended for active A-State students, faculty, and staff, the AstateGuest password may be requested through the IT Help Desk at (870) 972-3933 or by contacting the Wireless Administrator at wireless@astate.edu. Active A-State students, faculty, and staff should connect to AstateSecure instead.


AstateSecure is the best and most secure wireless network on A-State’s campus. In order to connect to AstateSecure, you will need to log in with your A-State username and password. 


AstateVisitor was specifically designed for visitors on campus that need access to a wireless network. This wireless network is not recommended for active A-State students, faculty, and staff. Active A-State students, faculty, and staff should connect to AstateSecure instead.

Authorization Code

When changing your A-State password, you will need an authorization code in order to proceed with the process. You should receive an email with an authorization code to your secondary email that you added to your A-State account when initially setting up your account. Please note that your authorization code changes frequently; therefore, there is no need to memorize this code.


Blackboard will be one of the most important tools that you use as a student here at Arkansas State! Blackboard is the Learning Management System that A-State uses and houses all of your course content (i.e. assignments, grades, different learning tools, etc.).

Book Money

If you have excess financial aid, you can allot funds to go toward the purchase of textbooks needed to make your college career successful! Book Money can be used at the A-State Bookstore or at the Arkansas State University – Mountain Home Bookstore. You can use Book Money to purchase anything in store, including textbooks, apparel, and more!


A browser is a software application for accessing information on the World Wide Web. Examples of a web browser are Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

Browsing History

Browsing history is a list of web pages that you have recently visited and is recorded for a standard amount of time. It is also important to clear your browsing history every now and then in order for your device to not get bogged down by all of the excess data that is created. 

Class Bulletin

Your Class Bulletin is important to check in order to determine all of the courses that you are required to take in order to obtain your degree. These documents change every year, so it’s extremely important to find the one that pertains to you and your degree. You can find these documents here. The best way to determine which bulletin applies to you is to find the document that is titled with the year that you were admitted into the university. In addition to this, you can always ask your academic advisor which document fits your needs.

Cookies & Cache

Cookies are files that are created by websites that you visit; they save browsing data. Cache remembers parts of pages such as images to help them open quickly the next time that you visit that website. It is important to clear both of these every now and then in order for your device to not get bogged down by all of the excess data that is created. 


Duo is the two-factor authentication method that A-State uses to keep your account secure. You will need to download the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone or smartwatch in order to receive push notifications. Duo Mobile is available on the App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, you can use your phone to receive calls or texts that will allow you to authenticate as well. You will have to authenticate with Duo before you are able to log into the my.AState portal and before you access your student email.

Duo Code

If you choose to receive texts to your phone in order to authenticate with Duo, you will be sent a Duo Code via text that you will need to input in order to successfully authenticate. There will be an option to enter a “Passcode” on the Duo screen and that is where you will input that Duo Code.

Express Dollars

Think of Express Dollars as campus currency. You can add funds to your Express Dollars account by following the instructions below.

  1. Login to the my.AState portal and click the eAccounts icon.
  2. If you have never accessed eAccounts, you will need to register (when prompted to enter your ID number, be sure to enter a 7 in front of your ID number).
  3. Once registered, click +Add Money in the A State Express $ section on the left sidebar to add funds to your Express Dollars account.

You can use Express Dollars at most places on campus. You can also use Express Dollars at a variety of off campus places around town! Click here to check out a complete list of places, both on and off campus, that accept Express Dollars.

Flex Dollars

Flex Dollars are a part of most meal plans. Flex Dollars can be used at any of A-State’s dining venues, including Acansa Dining Hall, the Food Court, the Campus Store, Starbucks, Simply to Go, etc.

IT Help Desk

The IT Help Desk is a vital part of Information and Technology Services here at Arkansas State! The IT Help Desk serves A-State students, faculty, and staff 24/7 with a variety of IT needs! If the IT Help Desk agents are unable to assist you, they will be able to direct you to the proper area so that you can get assistance.

    Locked Account

    When trying to log into the my.AState portal, be careful of trying an incorrect password too many times! When you do try to enter an incorrect password too many times, your account could become locked! If your account is locked, it will automatically unlock after 30 minutes. If you need immediate assistance, you can call the IT Help Desk at (870) 972-3933. They will need to verify your identity before being able to unlock your account. In this scenario, it is probably best to just begin resetting your password instead of trying an incorrect password over and over again.

    Microsoft 365

    A-State offers Microsoft 365 to all active students, faculty, and staff for FREE and as long as you are active, you’ll be able to use Microsoft 365 the entire time that you are studying here at Arkansas State! Microsoft 365 comes with Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel, etc.

    Mobile Credential

    Your A-State ID card can now be added to your mobile device and used anywhere that your physical card is accepted. With a simple tap of your smartphone or smartwatch, you have the ability to open a door, enjoy a meal, or attend an event. The app that you will need to download is called Transact eAccount and is available on the App Store or Google Play. You can find instructions on how to set up this feature on your mobile device here.

    my.AState Portal (formerly myCampus)

    The my.AState portal is the Arkansas State University campus portal that houses all of the essential tools that you will need as a student here at Arkansas State. You can easily access sites such as Blackboard, Self Service Banner, etc. through this portal as well as many others. All you need in order to log into this portal is your A-State username and password. You will also have to authenticate via Duo in order to successfully login.

    Operating System (OS)

    An Operating System (OS) is the system that supports a computer’s basic functions. Examples of an operating system are macOS Catalina and Windows 10. Without an OS, the computer cannot function.

    Pack Support

    Pack Support serves as the one-stop resource for students seeking campus resources, information, and extra guidance. This department connect students, parents, faculty, and staff to the understanding or navigation of university procedures and resources via quick, effective communication. You can access Pack Support through the my.AState portal.


    Once you are admitted into Arkansas State University, you are assigned an ID and PIN. Your PIN is a unique 6-digit number that you will need to remember or write down as you will need to use it in order to access important information on sites such as Self Service Banner and to reset your A-State password. Your PIN is something that you should not share with anyone! If you forget your PIN, you can retrieve it here.

    Respondus LockDown Browser

    Respondus LockDown Browser is the software that A-State professors use in order to give tests and assignments online while still making them secure and free from academic dishonesty. Respondus LockDown Browser is an application that you are able to download on your Windows machine or your Mac. Make sure that you download Respondus LockDown Browser from our Software Downloads page! This will ensure that you have the correct version of Respondus LockDown Browser installed. Once it is installed, you will be able to sign into the application the same way that you would sign into Blackboard and you will find all of your courses there.

    Secondary Email

    When you set up your A-State account, you will be asked to provide a personal email (not A-State email) that you can use as another form of securing your account. This personal/secondary email will receive authorization codes when you are trying to reset your A-State password.

    Security Questions

    When you create your A-State account, you will be asked to pick and fill out answers to security questions. It is important to remember your answers to these questions in the event that you will need to use them. The answers you create are case sensitive, so it is crucial to remember exactly how you typed in the answer when you initially set them up. It is best to write down your questions and answers in order to always remember them. This is another way to keep your sensitive information safe. Your security questions/answers are something that you should not share with anyone! An exception would be if you contact the the IT Help Desk and they need to verify your identity.

    Self Service Banner (SSB)

    Self Service Banner (SSB) holds all of your personal and financial aid information. You will need to know your A-State ID number as well as your PIN in order to access Self Service Banner. You can also use this site to register for classes each semester and access your midterm and final grades for each semester.

    Software Downloads

    There are two Software Download pages that you can download software from. One of these pages gives you access to Office 365 as well as Windows 10 for FREE! There are other pieces of software on this page as well; however, you do have to purchase them. You can access this page by logging into the my.AState portal and clicking on Software Downloads. The other page gives you access to Respondus LockDown Browser, STATA, Minitab, Mathematica, SPSS, etc. You can access this page here.

    Student Mail

    When you are admitted into Arkansas State University, a Gmail account is created for you to receive official university-related emails. The Daily Digest, emails from Blackboard and your professors, A-State security alerts, etc. are just some of the emails that will be sent to this email address so it is important to check this email frequently. The username and password to log into this email are the same as your username and password for the my.AState portal.