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Current Senators

Executive Committee

Edward Salo
Dr. Edward Salo
Faculty Senate President
Associate Director of Heritage Studies
Associate Professor of History

Office: HSS, HSS 4044

Addie Fleming
Addie Fleming
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Phone: 870-972-3074

Office: CNHP, 213


Khem Aryal
Dr. Khem Aryal
Associate Professor of English
Phone: (870) 972-3427

Office: HSS, 4135

Shanon Y. Brantley
Dr. Shanon Y. Brantley
Assistant Professor of Communication Disorders
Phone: 870-972-3106

Office: Donald W. Reynolds Center for Health Sciences, 211E

Andrea Brown
Andrea Brown
OTR/L, Associate Professor
OTA Program Director
Phone: 870-972-4221

Office: E. Smith, 318F

Katharine Camden
Dr. Katharine Camden
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Phone: (870) 972-3074

Office: CNHP, 310

Matthew Carey
Matthew Carey
Assistant Professor of Vocal Studies
Phone: (870) 680-8426

Office: Fine Arts Center, 131

Toccara Carter
Toccara Carter
Director of Transition Studies
Phone: (870) 972-2080

Jessica Curtis
Dr. Jessica Curtis
Associate Professor of Psychology
M.S. in Psychological Science Program Coordinator
Phone: 870-972-2207

Office: Education, 308

Ibrahim Duyar
Dr. Ibrahim Duyar
Professor of Educational Leadership
Phone: 870-972-2651

Office: Education and Leadership Studies, 210

Gary Edwards
Dr. Gary Edwards
Associate Professor of History

Office: HSS, 4046

Paul Finnicum
Dr. Paul Finnicum
Professor, Health Promotion
Phone: (870) 680-8113

Office: HPESS Complex, 240

Addie Fleming
Addie Fleming
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Phone: 870-972-3074

Office: CNHP, 213

Audrey Folsom
Dr. Audrey Folsom
Assistant Professor of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Phone: (870) 680-8596 Ext. 4846

Office: Eugene W. Smith Hall, 106

Karen Kleppe Graham
Dr. Karen Kleppe Graham
Associate Professor
Phone: 870-680-8440

Office: Education, 368

Bert Greenwalt
Dr. Bert Greenwalt
Professor of Agricultural Economics
Phone: (870) 972-2221

Office: Agriculture, 224

John Hershberger
Dr. John Hershberger
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Faculty Senator
Phone: 870-972-3313

Office: Lab Science East, 512

Zahid Hossain, P.E.
Dr. Zahid Hossain, P.E.
Professor of Civil Engineering
Director of Graduate Programs in Engineering- MSCE, MSEE, & MSME
Phone: 870-680-4299

Office: LSW, 246

Cheryl Knight, LCSW
Dr. Cheryl Knight, LCSW
Department Chair & MSW Program Director
Assistant Professor Social Work
Phone: 870-972-3596

Office: Eugene W. Smith Hall, 327A

Veena Kulkarni
Dr. Veena Kulkarni
Associate Professor of Sociology
Graduate Program Coordinator - Sociology
Phone: (870) 972-3331

Office: HSS, 3073

Scott Mangan
Dr. Scott Mangan
Associate Professor
Phone: 870-972-3783

Office: Lab Science West, 330-B

Pradeep Mishra
Pradeep Mishra
Director of Printing Services
Phone: (870) 972-3114

Office: Education/Communication, 234A

Arianne F. Pait
Arianne F. Pait
Assistant Professor of Communication Disorders
Director of Clinical Services in Communication Disorders
Phone: 870-972-3301

Office: Donald W. Reynolds Center for Health Sciences, 105

David Pearlman
Dr. David Pearlman
Associate Professor of Hospitality
Phone: 870-972-3733

Office: Business, 210

Robert Robinette
Robert Robinette
Assessment & Academic Engagement Librarian
Phone: 870-972-2568

Office: Library, 233

Dayday Robinson
Dayday Robinson
Assistant Professor of Theatre
Phone: (870) 972-3627

Office: Fowler Center, 158D

Sarah Scott
Dr. Sarah Scott
Assistant Professor
Oral Communication Program Director
Phone: (870) 972-3280

Office: Education/Communication, 364

Richard Segall
Dr. Richard Segall
Professor of Computer & Information Technology
Phone: (870) 972-3989

Office: Business, 216

Alexandr M. Sokolov
Dr. Alexandr M. Sokolov
Director and Assistant Professor of Engineering Management and Construction Management
Phone: 870-972-3635

Office: ABI, 318

Kristen Sumler
Kristen Sumler
Assistant Director for the English Learning Academy
ESL Instructor

Office: International Student Services and English Learning Academy, S301

Rollin Tusalem
Dr. Rollin Tusalem
Associate Professor of Political Science
Phone: (870) 972-2188

Office: HSS, 3048

Kimberly Vickrey
Kimberly Vickrey
Professor of Graphic Design
Phone: (870) 972-3050

Office: Humanities, 3072

LTC J. Morgan Weatherly
LTC J. Morgan Weatherly
Professor of Military Science
Arkansas State University
Phone: (870) 680-8064

Office: LTC Fredrick C. Turner, Jr. Military Science Building, Rm. 131

Robert Williams
Dr. Robert Williams
Assistant Professor of Education
Phone: (870) 972-2949

Office: Education and Leadership Studies, 226

Guolei Zhou
Dr. Guolei Zhou
Professor of Cell Biology
Phone: 870-680-8588

Office: ABI, 209