Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Current Senators

Executive Committee


Loretta Neal McGregor


Dr. Loretta Neal McGregor

President of Faculty Senate

Professor of Psychology

Phone: (870) 972-3064
Office: Education, 309


Donna Caldwell


Donna Caldwell


Associate Professor of Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences

Phone: 870-972-3073
Office: CONHP, 405A


Joanna Grymes


Dr. Joanna Grymes

Association Secretary

Associate Professor of Teacher Education

Phone: (870) 680-8430
Office: Education, 336


Cheryl Knight, DSW, LCSW


Cheryl Knight, DSW, LCSW

Senate Secretary

Assistant Professor

Phone: 870-972-3596
Office: Eugene W. Smith, 327D




Annette Bednar


Annette Bednar

Assistant Professor of Clinical Laboratory Science

Phone: (870) 680-8596

Office: Eugene W. Smith Hall, 104


Manu Bhandari


Dr. Manu Bhandari

Assistant Professor

Phone: (870) 972-2677

Office: Education/Communication, 353


Sudeepa Bhattacharyya


Dr. Sudeepa Bhattacharyya


Office: ABI


Than Boves


Dr. Than Boves

Associate Professor of Ecology

Phone: 870-972-3320

Office: Lab Science East, 315


Robert Bradley


Dr. Robert Bradley

Program Director of Athletic Training

Assistant Professor

Phone: 870-972-3766

Office: Eugene Smith Hall, 301A


Andrea Brown


Andrea Brown


OTA Program Director

Phone: 870-972-2610

Office: E. Smith, 318F


Matthew Carey


Matthew Carey

Assistant Professor of Vocal Studies

Phone: (870) 680-8426

Office: Fine Arts Center, 131


Ross Carroll


Dr. Ross Carroll

Associate Professor of Physics

Phone: 870-680-4335

Office: Lab Science East, 105


Dr. Sarah J. Davidson


Dr. Sarah J. Davidson

Chair, BSN Program; RN-BSN Option Coordinator

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Phone: 870-972-3074

Office: CNHP, 509


Kimberley Davis


Dr. Kimberley Davis

Associate Professor of Special Education

CAEP Coordinator

Phone: (870) 972-3062

Office: Education and Leadership Studies, 212


Mary Donaghy


Dr. Mary Donaghy

Associate Professor of Sociology

Phone: 870-972-3163

Office: HSS, 3085


Lillie Fears


Dr. Lillie Fears


Multimedia Journalism Program Coordinator

Phone: (870 972-3210

Office: Education/Communication, 351


Paul Finnicum


Dr. Paul Finnicum

Chair of Health, Physical Education and Sport Sciences

Professor, Health Promotion

Phone: (870) 680-8113

Office: HPESS Complex, 221B


Kathryn Flannigan


Kathryn Flannigan

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Phone: 870-972-3074

Office: CNHP, 511


Joe Ford


Joe Ford

Associate Professor of Digital Design

Phone: (870) 972-3992

Office: Art Annex, 204B


Amanda Wheeler Gryffin


Dr. Amanda Wheeler Gryffin

Associate Professor

Program Coordinator, BS in Exercise Science

Phone: (870) 680-8107

Office: HPESS Complex, 236


Gauri Guha


Dr. Gauri Guha

Associate Professor of Economics

Phone: 870-680-8465

Office: Business, 412


Hans Hacker


Dr. Hans Hacker

Associate Professor of Political Science

Phone: (870) 972-2257

Office: HSS, 3018


Shivan Haran


Dr. Shivan Haran

Director and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 870-972-3413

Office: Lab Science West, 245A


John Hershberger


Dr. John Hershberger

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Faculty Senator

Phone: 870-972-3313

Office: Lab Science East, 512


Matthew Hill


Dr. Matthew Hill

Assistant Professor of Finance

Director of Center for Treasury and Financial Analytics

Phone: 870-680-8046

Office: College of Business, 204


Annette Hux


Dr. Annette Hux

Associate Professor

Phone: (870) 972-3062

Office: Education and Leadership Studies, 233


Sharon James


Dr. Sharon James

Assistant Professor of Management

Phone: 870-680-8170

Office: Business, 410


Cherisse Jones-Branch


Dr. Cherisse Jones-Branch

Dean of the Graduate School

Professor of History, Vaughn Endowed Professorship

Phone: (870) 972-3291

Office: HSS, 4044


Ryan Kelly


Dr. Ryan Kelly

Associate Professor of Reading

Phone: 870-680-8445

Office: Education, 374


Donghoon Kim


Dr. Donghoon Kim

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Phone: 870-972-3067

Office: Computer Science & Mathematics, 126





Professor of Military Science

Arkansas State University

Phone: (870) 972-8064

Office: Military Science, 131


William Maynard


Dr. William Maynard

Associate Professor of History

Phone: (870) 972-2125

Office: HSS, 4048


Jeff McLaughlin


Jeff McLaughlin

Assistant Professor of Theatre

Phone: (870) 972-2373

Office: Fowler Center, 147D


Suzanne Melescue


Dr. Suzanne Melescue

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Phone: 870-680-8167

Office: Computer Science & Mathematics, 111


Jie Miao


Dr. Jie Miao

Associate Chair

Professor of Mathematics

Phone: 870-680-8168

Office: Computer Science & Mathematics, 113


Pradeep Mishra


Pradeep Mishra

Director of Printing Services


Phone: (870) 972-3114

Office: Education/Communication, 234A


Vicent Moreno


Dr. Vicent Moreno

Assistant Chair

Associate Professor of Spanish

Phone: (870) 972-3502

Office: HSS, 3062


Nikesha Nesbitt


Nikesha Nesbitt

Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies

Program Director for Integrative Studies

Phone: (870) 972-3574

Office: Dean B. Ellis Library, 143


Timothy W. Oliver


Dr. Timothy W. Oliver

Director of Bands
Coordinator of Wind and Percussion Studies

Professor of Music

Phone: (870) 972-3811

Office: Fine Arts Center, 130


Arianne F. Pait


Arianne F. Pait

Assistant Professor of Communication Disorders

Director of Clinical Services in Communication Disorders

Phone: 870-972-3301

Office: Donald W. Reynolds Center for Health Sciences, 105


Gregory Phillips


Dr. Gregory Phillips

Professor of Plant Biotechnology

Phone: (870) 972-2375

Office: Agriculture, 332A


Joseph Richmond


Dr. Joseph Richmond

Assistant Professor

Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management

Phone: (870) 680-8286

Office: Eugene W. Smith Hall, 410K


Robert Robinette


Robert Robinette

Assessment & Academic Engagement Librarian

Phone: 870-972-2568


William Rowe


William Rowe

Professor of Art

Phone: (870) 972-3050

Office: Art Annex, 102


Richard Segall


Dr. Richard Segall

Professor of Computer & Information Technology

Phone: (870) 972-3989

Office: Business, 216


Paul Sikkel


Dr. Paul Sikkel

Associate Professor of Biology

Phone: 870-972-3296

Office: Lab Science East, 412


Marcus Tribbett


Dr. Marcus Tribbett

Assistant Professor of English

Phone: (870) 972-2119

Office: HSS, 4089


Steven Weimer


Dr. Steven Weimer

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Phone: (870) 972-3278

Office: HSS, 4054


Wayne Wilkinson


Dr. Wayne Wilkinson

Associate Professor of Psychology

Phone: (870) 972-3064

Office: Education, 326


Christine Wright


Dr. Christine Wright

Chair, Occupational Therapy

OTD Program Director

Phone: 870-972-2610

Office: Eugene W. Smith, Suite 318


Karen Yanowitz


Dr. Karen Yanowitz

Professor of Psychology

Phone: (870) 972-3064

Office: Education, 315