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Transportation services are generally provided to students with the following:

a) Disabilities or impairments that make walking across campus a substantial burden. This does not include injuries that make it uncomfortable or inconvenient to go from class to class.

b) People who use scooters or wheelchairs and need wheelchair golf cart transportation to a particular location on campus due to physical constraints in navigating their devices around campus.

Please note, students with temporary, minor injuries or conditions (broken leg, sprained ankle, etc.) are not protected under 504/ADA, but AAS will try to support you as much as reasonably possible.

To request golf cart transportation, click on the link provided below. This form must be completed for services to be facilitated. The applicant is expected to familiarize themselves with the AAS Transportation Program’s policies and procedures before completion of their application.

>> Golf Cart Transportation Application <<

If this form is not accessible to you, please contact our office for further assistance.


Verifying ADA Accessible Parking (Disability Parking)

As of spring 2024, all verification of ADA accessible parking is handled through Parking Services. Any individual with state-issued accessible parking should contact Parking Services to be issued an ADA sticker for their parking permit.

Steps to obtain accessible parking through the state:

1. Have your healthcare provider fill out form 10-336.

2. Take the completed form and your valid ID/drivers license to the DMV to be issued accessible parking (temporary or permanent).

3. Bring your paperwork from the DMV to Parking Services to be issued the appropriate Tier 1 sticker.

    For further parking information, please visit the A-State Parking Services website.