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Graduation Fee

This $45 fee is required of ALL students when filing an intent to graduate, even if not participating in the ceremony. The fee covers the processing of the paperwork, the printing of the Commencement Program, the Diploma and cover, as well as the attire. This fee will be processed once the online intent form is completed. 

If a student is unable to graduate at the end of the semester for which the intent to graduate application has been made, the student will not receive a refund of the graduation fee and will be required to pay the fee on each subsequent intent to graduate application.

Online Intent to Graduate Form

The online intent to graduate form can be submitted through Self Service by following these steps:

    1. Login to Self Service

    2. Click 'Student'

    3. Click 'Student Records'

    4. Click 'Application/Intent to Graduate'

    5. Select a curriculum term and click 'Submit'
      1. This may not be the same as your graduation term

    6. If the curricula is correct select the program and click 'Continue'
      1. If you do not meet the requirements or have already completed your intent form there will not be a program for you to select
      2. If you have a double major (two majors in the same degree) both majors will be listed under the same program
      3. If you have a double degree the programs will be listed separately and you'll have to file twice, once for each program

    7. Select the date you intend to graduate and click 'Continue'

    8. Select whether you intend to attend graduation and click 'Continue'

    9. Select the name you want to appear on your diploma and click 'Continue'
      1. Enter this exactly as you want it to appear. Middle initials and suffixes (ex. Jr.) should include periods. Do not use all caps.

    10. Select the applicable graduation fee and click 'Continue'

    11. If everything on the intent summary is correct click 'Submit'
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When the online intent to graduate form is completed an automatic email is sent to your campus email account notifying you of the receipt and directing you to the Graduation Tracker.

Follow the link below to access the graduation tracker. The graduation tracker provides personal data on your graduation status. Visit the tracker today to see your information.  Students will have access to the tracker after they file their intent to graduate application.

Graduation Tracker >>

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Questions about Graduation?

If you have any questions, you may contact the graduation coordinator in the Office of the Registrar at (870) 972-2031 or by email at graduation@astate.edu

Upcoming Ceremonies

A graduate shows off her diploma at a 2019 commencement ceremony

Fall 2023 Commencement
Saturday, Dec. 16, 2023
10 a.m.
(Doors open 90 mins prior)

First National Bank Arena
217 Olympic Drive
Jonesboro, AR 72401

Parking Map

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