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Transferring Credits

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Transferring Coursework to A-State

Transcripts sent from other colleges and universities will be evaluated and acceptable credits will be added to the student's A-State record.

The A-State Office of Admissions, Records and Registration currently accepts electronic transcripts from the following:

  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • Scrip-Safe
  • Credentials Solutions
  • Parchment

You can view your unofficial A-State transcript online in Self Service to review your transfer work.

Directions on how to view your unofficial transcript in Self Service >>

Equivalent Course Information

A-State Transfer Course Equivalency Search

Use the Transfer Course Equivalency Search to view a list of all colleges and course equivalencies that are currently coded in our system.

The equivalencies listed reflect the current catalog reviewed from the respective school. Some departments may prefer different requirements and may substitute equivalencies for their programs. There may be stipulations to acceptance of some courses. For instance, a course may be accepted as fulfilling a course requirement from a 2-year institution, but no upper-level credit will be given. Some departments may require an exam to determine equivalency. Some courses may transfer as "elective" credit, which means the hours will transfer to A-State. Your major department will determine if these "elective" hours will be used in your degree plan.

The Transfer Course Equivalency Search is updated on a weekly basis but if you have any questions regarding the accuracy of the data, please contact the Office of Admissions at 870-972-2782 or admissions@astate.edu.

Visit the Transfer Equivalency Search site >>

College Source Online

College Source is available to access information and course descriptions from various colleges and universities. http://www.collegesource.org

The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS)

The following information is from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) website: http://acts.adhe.edu

The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) contains information about the transferability of courses within Arkansas public colleges and universities. Students are guaranteed the transfer of applicable credits and equitable treatment in the application of credits for admissions and degree requirements. Students may complete specified General Education courses anywhere in the public system as well as many courses in the degree/major that have been pre-identified for transfer.


Using ACTS, students can review transferable courses by selecting the institution that you are transferring from and the institution that you are transferring to.

Access the Arkansas Course Transfer System for Students >>

Transferring Coursework while on Academic Suspension at A-State

A-State will review transfer work completed while on a first suspension only after the student returns and successfully completes 12 hours with a 2.00 GPA, as well as the Restart@state program (if required). No more than 12 credit hours of coursework completed at another accredited college or university while on a first academic suspension from A-State will be considered for transfer and only if the coursework:

  • Removes deficiencies, such as the required high school core or developmental coursework; and/or
  • Is a course retaken per the A-State recomputation policy (retaking coursework that was earned at A-State with a grade below “C”); and/or
  • Is designated by A-State as 1000- or 2000-level.

A Transfer Coursework Review form must be completed in order for transfer work completed while on a first suspension to be reviewed.

Download the Transfer Coursework Review form >>

No credit hours earned at other institutions during a period in which the student is on mandatory second, third, or subsequent suspension from A-State will be accepted for transfer by Arkansas State University.

Any coursework received from another institution while a student is on academic suspension at A-State will be awarded using the grade of OS (On Suspension).  This method will not give the student any credit for the transferred work.  For more information on the academic standing policies at A-State, please review the most current bulletin.

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