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Associate Professor of History

BSE Social Science Program Director


  • Ph.D. History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2014
  • M.A. History, University of North Carolina-Greensboro, 2006
  • B.A. History & Social Studies Education, North Carolina State University, 2004

Teaching Specialties

Secondary social studies education
Militarization, war and society
Twentieth century U.S. and world
Comparative women and gender history
U.S. foreign relations
Legal history


Kellie Wilson-Buford is an Associate Professor of History and BSE Social Science Director at Arkansas State University. Before she became a history professor, she taught high school history and English as a second language. Her background as a military brat and a military spouse took her all over the world and planted the seeds for her research interests. Her publications have been featured in the Journal of Homosexuality and Military History of the West among other journals and edited volumes. Her first book, Policing Sex and Marriage in the American Military: The Court-Martial and the Construction of Gender and Sexual Deviance, 1950-2000 was published by University of Nebraska Press in 2018 as part of the Studies in War, Society, and the Military series. Her current book project, tentatively titled Shattering the Silence: Sexual Violence and American Military Justice from the Korean War to the Present, traces the American military’s efforts to manage service members’ crimes of sexual violence in an effort to historicize and shed light on the contemporary military sexual violence crisis. In addition to teaching history education courses and supervising teaching interns, she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on the twentieth century world, comparative women, gender, and sexuality, war, militarization and empire, US foreign relations, legal history, the history of food, and the history of marriage and state surveillance.