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Centers, Offices, & Special Programs

Office of Behavioral Research & Evaluation (OBRE)

OBRE works with regional and state organizations to provide a multitude of services in several areas, including program evaluation, cultural competence assessment, capacity building, needs assessment and asset mapping, focus groups and individual interviews, school safety, positive behavior intervention systems, cost-benefit analyses, and evidence-based practice in children's mental health and behavior.

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Childhood Services

Childhood Services provides in-service staff development, workshops for families, and technical assistance and coaching for licensed early education facilities and youth development programs statewide.

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Delta STEM Education Center

The purpose of the A-State Delta STEM Education Center is to enrich the knowledge and teaching practices of teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics by linking A-State to K-12 public schools, educational service cooperatives, and businesses, and providing services and resources for teachers, administrators, and students.

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Education Renewal Zone (ERZ)

The Education Renewal Zone (ERZ) identifies and implements education and management strategies designed specifically to improve public school performances and student academic achievement throughout the State of Arkansas, with special focus on the state's most academically distressed public schools. The ERZ coordinates the utilization of resources between partner schools, the university and educational cooperatives.

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Rural STEM Education Center

The A-State Rural STEM Education Center provides instructional support for public and private school math, science, and computer science teachers, pre-service teachers, school administrators, and out-of-school STEM educators. This assistance can be in the classroom, during one-on-one and small-group workshops at schools or at A-State, or in the format of large-group presentations.

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Office of Professional Education Programs

The Office of Professional Education Programs coordinates field experience, manages admission into the teacher education programs and professional licensure, and coordinates data collection for assessment and evaluation purposes. 

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