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Delta STEM Education Center

The purpose of the A-State Delta STEM Education Center is to enrich the knowledge and teaching practices of teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics by linking A-State to K-12 public schools, educational service cooperatives, and businesses, and providing services and resources for teachers, administrators, and students. 

Pictures of Various STEM Education Center Activities

Partnership Services Areas

The Delta STEM Education Center works as a partnership to assist Arkansas Educators in the pursuit for excellence in education. 

  • The Delta STEM Education center primarily serves Crowley's Ridge and Great Rivers Educational Cooperatives. 

The Delta STEM Education Center is a nonprofit organization. Cost to Local Education Agency (LEA) is limited to covering the actual cost for the services provided. 

Services Provided

  • ACTAAP Preparation
  • Common Core Training
  • Curriculum Alignment
  • Fostering Algebraic Thinking Training
  • Geometer’s Sketchpad® Training
  • Grant Supported Graduate Courses
  • Grant Writing Assistance
  • Hands-on Math/Science Workshops
  • Math/Science/Literacy Family Nights
  • Calculator Training
  • Performance Assessment Training
  • Science/Math Probe Training
  • Technology Integration Training
  • Online Professional Development

Check-Out Materials

  • AIMS
  • Books
  • Calculators
  • Digiblocks
  • Fossil Kits
  • FOSS Kits
  • Fraction Island Kits
  • GEMS
  • GPS Units
  • Interactive Resources
  • Lab Aids
  • LEGO Kits
  • Manipulatives
  • Microscopes
  • NASA Materials
  • Science Kits
  • Science Probes
  • SEPUP Kits
  • Software
  • Teacher Guides
  • Video Cameras
  • Web Resources
  • WET/Wild Materials