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The Office of Behavioral Research & Evaluation (OBRE) is an interdisciplinary center for research and evaluation. 

OBRE's overall aim is to work with community, state, and regional partners to help meet their goals and improve their initiatives.  This is done primarily through Program Evaluation, emphasizing both formative and summative methods, including developing, monitoring, assessing, and understanding outcomes both within and outside of the University. OBRE also assists its partners in program development, strategic planning, and grant writing.


In 2000, David Saarnio, Ph.D., professor of psychology, started an evaluation/research office that was funded by a Federal Safe Schools Healthy Students (SSHS) grant awarded to the 4 major school districts in Jonesboro.  A major goal of the office was to provide research and program evaluation experiences to students.  During the course of that project, the office began contracting with other community organizations to provide evaluation services (e.g., for a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant to Westside School District).  With the expanding list of projects, there was a clear need to create an official entity to promote and continue the efforts. Therefore, in 2005, the Office of Behavioral Research & Evaluation (OBRE) was officially formed as an interdisciplinary center for research and evaluation. Since then, OBRE has continued to work with a variety of stakeholders to help them improve and assess their programs. OBRE is currently led by Christy Brinkley.


OBRE works with regional and state organizations to provide a multitude of services in several areas, including:

  • Program Evaluation
  • Grant Writing Assistance
  • Data Analysis, Interpretation, & Reporting
  • Consultation
  • Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNAs)
  • Needs and Asset Analyses
  • Network Mapping


  • Universities
  • LEAs (Co-ops, Districts, & Schools)
  • Individual Researchers or Groups
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Units of Government (e.g., states, counties)


Developing Soft Skills through Project-Based Learning: A case study from Arkansas. - Feb 2019

Poster session presented at the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Educational Research Association, Myrtle Beach, SC.

Using the self-assessment survey (SAS) for needs across schools. - Feb 2019

Poster session presented at the 16th International Conference on Positive Behavioral Support, Washington, D.C.

Increasing social support for new parents: A preliminary look at one program’s effectiveness. - March 2019

Poster session presented at the 32nd Annual Research & Policy Conference on Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Behavioral Health, Tampa, FL.

Developing civic-mindedness in middle- and high-school students using service-learning. - March 2019

Conference session presented at the Interdisciplinary STEM Teaching & Learning Conference, Savannah, GA.