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Graduate Council

The Graduate Council provides guidance and direction for the university's graduate programs.  The Council considers and recommends graduate curriculum changes and new programs; policies on graduate admission, academic standards, and graduation requirements; policies on graduate faculty status; policies regarding graduate assistants; and policies on graduate stipends and assistantships and their distribution to programs.

Membership on the Graduate Council consists of one tenured graduate faculty member from each college with graduate programs.  Colleges with doctoral programs will have an additional faculty representative from the doctoral program(s).  Two graduate students appointed by the Graduate Student Council will serve on the committee.  The Graduate Dean and the Director of Assessment Services will serve on the Council as ex-officio, nonvoting members.  This council reports to the VCAAR through the Dean of the Graduate School.

2023-24 Graduate Council Meeting Dates, Deadlines, and Forms

For Graduate curriculum changes, please visit Curriculum Committee Forms to identify the appropriate form(s) and review the proposal submission procedure.

For meeting dates and the submission deadlines for inclusion on the Graduate Council agenda, please visit: Curriculum_Committee_Calendar


  • Mohammad Alam
  • Justin Castro
  • Tracy Finch
  • Brook Fluker
  • Steve Green
  • Zahid Hossain
  • Annette Hux
  • Fnu Jagriti
  • Cherisse Jones-Branch
  • Will McLean
  • Amanda Mohler
  • Melodie Philhours
  • Joseph Richmond
  • Brandon Turnbull
  • Lauri Umansky
  • Amanda Wheeler-Gryffin
  • Melanie Wicinski