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Please note, the curriculum proposal submission process has changed for 2023-24.

  • All curriculum proposals will now be submitted via an electronic form in our new curriculum management software, Curriculog, which is accessible via my.Astate. The approval process will be managed via workflow within Curriculog.
  • Due to the university curriculum calendar timeline, and the publication date of the annual Bulletin, proposals may only be submitted during the regular academic year while submissions are accepted for review by Undergraduate Curriculum Council and Graduate Council (August 11th-April 5th for 2023-24).
  • The prior "paper" forms have been built out within Curriculog, and with a few exceptions, have retained their names. A list of forms is provided below.
  • Proposals for Undergraduate Curriculum Council or Graduate Council must be submitted via Curriculog, and approved through the Undergraduate Curriculum Council or Graduate Council step by the given deadline on the Curriculum Committee Calendar to be included on the meeting's agenda.

    Proposals for the General Education Committee continue to be submitted via email to gec@astate.edu.

  • Quick Curriculog How-To
    • Proposal Submission
      • Curriculog can be accessed via my.Astate;
      • Once logged in, select "New Proposal;" a list of forms will be displayed; Proposals submitted during the 2023-24 curriculum year will utilize the 2024-25 forms. The forms are dated to correspond to the Bulletin that they will ultimately be updating, which is the forthcoming 2024-25 Bulletin. Undergraduate forms are preceded by "UG" and graduate forms are preceded by "GR;"
      • Select the appropriate form, complete it (use "Save all Changes" to continue working on form at a later time), and when it's ready to submit, click "Validate and Launch Proposal;"
      • After the proposal is launched, it enters the workflow. The proposal originator is the first approver, and must approve the proposal before it will move to the next step in the workflow. In some cases, the same person will have to approve multiple times (ex. originator is also a program director and the departmental curriculum chair). To approve the proposal: while the proposal is open, click on "Decisions" on the right side of the screen, and make your decision, or, from the Curriculog home screen, select the "My Tasks" tab to view all proposals that require action from you; select all proposals you'd like to approve and click on "Approve Selected."
    • Proposal Review and Approval
      • Proposals are reviewable by all logged-in Curriculog users but only the person identified at the current workflow step may make edits or comments, and approve or deny a proposal;
      • All curriculum changes made by the originator or workflow approver are tracked via mark-up. To view a proposal with mark-up, click "Discussion" in the toolbox on the right side of the screen, and under "User Tracking Help," select "Show current with markup;"
      • To make revisions to the proposal, click into the field, make the revision, and click "Save;" to make comments on the proposal, click "Discussion" in the toolbox on the right side of the screen, and next to "Comments," click "Add comment;"
      • To approve or deny, click "Decisions" in the toolbox on the right side of the screen, select "Approve" or "Reject," and click "Make My Decision." Selecting "Approve" will move the proposal to the next step in the workflow, and "Reject" will send the proposal back to the proposal originator. If the proposal is rejected the originator will have the opportunity to make revisions and relaunch the proposal. Relaunching the proposal will initiate approval workflow from the beginning.


*Forms in Curriculog are divided by undergraduate (UG) and graduate (GR). Please select the form you need proceeded by the level (for example, to propose a new graduate course select the "GR Course New Form"

ACTION *Curriculog Form
• Propose a new course Course New Form
• Modify an existing course Course Change Form
• Delete a course Course Delete Form
• Change program curriculum (more than 50% and/or change to total program hours) Curriculum Revision of Existing Certificate or Degree Program Proposal (More than 50% change in the program map or change in overall program hours)>
• Rename a major Existing Certificate, Degree, or major: Name Change Only Proposal (No change in program, curriculum, option/emphasis/concentration or organizational structure)
• Rename an emphasis, concentration, option or minor Program Modification Proposal
• Modify an Existing Program:
1. Change in admissions standards;
2. Change program curriculum (less than 50%); or,
3. Program modification not addressed by other forms.
Program Modification Proposal
• Delete a concentration, option, or minor Emphasis, Concentration, Option or Minor Deletion Proposal
• Delete a program Program Deletion Proposal
• Propose a new certificate (50% or less of the courses are new and created for this certificate) New Certificate Proposal (for certificates composed of primarily existing courses)
• Propose a new emphasis, concentration, option, or minor New Emphasis, Concentration, Option, or Minor Proposal
• Propose a new program or certificate (more than 50% of the courses are new and created for this program) New Program/Certificate Proposal (more than 50% of courses are new and created for this program)
• Offer an existing certificate or degree online Online Delivery of Existing Certificate or Degree Proposal (More than 50% Online)
• Reconfigure an existing degree to create a new one (50% or less of the courses are new and created for this program) Reconfiguration of Existing Degree Program Proposal
• Deactivate a program
• Reactivate a program
Deactivate/Reactivate Program Proposal
• Offer an existing certificate or degree program at an off-campus location (all or part) Existing Certificate or Degree Program Offered at Off-Campus Location Proposal
Contact Academic Affairs and Research for other actions including
but not limited to the following:
Establishment of New Administrative Unit
CIP Code Change
• Add a course to the General Education curriculum submit form via email to gec@astate.edu

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