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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The primary role of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) is to advise the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research about all undergraduate curriculum development within the University. The committee considers individual course proposals, undergraduate bulletin changes, and institutional termination or modification of academic programs.

Membership on the UCC consists of the academic college curriculum committee chair (elected by the college) from the Colleges of Agriculture, Business, Communications, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Nursing and Health Professions, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Sciences and Mathematics and one representative appointed annually by the Student Government Association. Nonvoting members will include the Registrar and one representative from Honors College, University College, Regional Programs, Assessment Services, and the Library. Nonvoting members, with the exception of the Registrar, will be expected to participate on subcommittees. The Associate Vice Chancellor of Teaching and Learning will serve as ex-officio, nonvoting chair.

In those cases where there is an issue affecting a broad area of the general education core that is not represented by the composition of the current committee, a representative from the area not represented must be invited to attend the meeting and be afforded the opportunity to participate in the discussions before action is taken.


For meeting dates and the submission deadlines for inclusion on curriculum council agenda, please visit: University Curriculum Calendar.

An electronic copy of proposals must be emailed to curriculum@astate.edu by the given deadlines for these to be included on the meeting agendas.


  • Kim Pittcock
  • John Seydel
  • Po-Lin Pan
  • Wayne Wilkinson
  • Jason Stewart
  • Shelley Gipson
  • Rebecca Oliver
  • Warren Johnson
  • Star Holloway
  • Shanon Brantley
  • David Gilmore
  • Nikesha Nesbitt
  • Karen Wheeler
  • Jesse Blankenship
  • Summer DeProw