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Diversity Student Initiatives

Brother 2 Brother: Succeeding and Achieving Together


Brother 2 Brother began in the fall of 2004 when Barbara Doyle proposed the idea to Dr. Glenn Jones, the associate vice chancellor for Academic Affairs at the time. Doyle had been a developmental educator since 1988 at Arkansas State University. At the time, she saw African American males with potential were slipping through the cracks. The founding mentors of B2B were Dr. Herman Strickland, Dr. Lonnie Williams, and Tony Thomas. Leadership was taken over by the Office of Diversity in 2006, when Barbara Doyle stepped out of her leadership position to become the director of assessment services. Brother 2 Brother is still going strong and doing better than ever!


1. Brother 2 Brother went from 4 members in 2004 to over 60 members in 2023.

2. Brother 2 Brother has over 10 faculty and staff mentors ready and willing to help Brother 2 Brother members.

3. The 6-year graduation rate for African American males in 2004 was approximately 11.9%. Thanks to organizations like Brother 2 Brother the 6-year graduation rate for African American males admitted in 2016 is 40.2%!


“Building the Brothers of Tomorrow by Educating, Appreciating, And Connecting them with the Men of Today.”


1. Social Education

2. Authentic Connection

3. Cultural Appreciation


Every year B2B hosts many programs on campus, including but not limited to the following:

1. Graduate school and readiness workshops

2. Financial literacy seminars

3. Community service at local churches and local public schools

4. Barbershop talk conversations

5. Voter registration drives

6. Male empowerment conferences

Get Involved?

Brother 2 Brother has meetings every two weeks. To get involved, contact Advisor Taron Robinson at tarrobinson@astate.edu Click here for Brother 2 Brother E Board Application

Brother to Brother

(Picture Above: Brother 2 Brother students attending the Empowered Men of Color Conference at University of Memphis)

Brother to Brother & Penny Hardaway

(Pictured Above: Brother 2 Brother Students with legendary, Penny Hardaway)

Sister 2 Sister: Ready to Serve


Sister 2 Sister (S2S) started in the Spring of 2005 as a program geared toward the recruitment, retention, and promotion of African American females and was modeled after the Brother 2 Brother program. The program puts emphasis on high academic achievement and community service while providing a safe area where women from underrepresented populations can freely express themselves. Some of the first mentors of S2S were Jamie Scott and Dr. Lillie Fears. Sister 2 Sister currently celebrates over 15 years of service, and they are still standing strong!


1. Sister 2 Sister went from 6 members in 2005 to over 45 members in 2023.

2. Sister 2 Sister currently has over 8 faculty and staff mentors ready and willing to help Sister 2 Sister Members.

3. According to the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, out of the African American female freshman enrolled in 2005 only 10.8% of those students graduated in four years. Thanks to organizations like Sister 2 Sister, the 6-year graduation rate for the 2016 class of African American females is 45.3%!


Every year Sister 2 Sister hosts, promotes, and participates in many programs on campus including but not limited to:

1. Campus wide midterm and finals study halls

2. Financial Literacy seminars

3. Community service events including highway/ campus clean ups.

4. Voter Registration Drives

Get Involved?

Sister 2 Sister has meetings every two weeks. To get involved, contact Advisor Dr. Nikesha Nesbitt nnesbitt@astate.edu